Friday, August 2, 2013


  I had a nightmare the other night, scary, tried to scream for Mac, tried and tried and I guess it worked because I woke Mac up, he heard me and then he woke me up.  My heart was thudding, he said he'd heard moans and couldn't figure out where they were coming from and they got louder and he realized it was me.
What was so terrifying?  My pillow was trying to suffocate me.  Bad when you're bedding turns against you.  I laugh now, but it wasn't funny then.
Did a little Googling on dreams (Lord I love the internet) and found out some interesting facts about dreams:

 •  Everyone dreams though most of us forget 90% of our dreams within 5 minutes of waking

•  12% of people dream in black and white

•  Even blind people dream, if blind from birth they have auditory dreams, if blinded later they have visual dreams

•  Common dreams are of falling, flying, being naked, failing a test, having an accident and your teeth falling out

•  People generally have 4-6 dreams a night

•  You don't have to be in REM sleep to dream

•  Dreams prevent psychosis, if you go too long without dreaming you will begin to break down mentally

•  You are actually paralyzed while dreaming, your brain has sent out neural signals to your spinal cord to relax you and essentially you are paralyzed while dreaming

•  Animals dream too

•  We dream what we know, the stranger in your dream is someone you've seen at some time in your life.

•  Outside stimuli invade our dreams, that ringing bell, alarm clock, etc become something else in your dreams

After learning all this I can say that yes I dream about flying (a lot), having an accident (the brakes never work on my car in dreams), but I have never dreamed about my teeth falling out.


  1. A lot of this hits home - especially the part about being paralyzed while dreaming. It's very frustrating!

  2. I have never dreamed of my teeth falling out either, hope I don't, now that I have learned that people often do! :D

  3. I dream every night, sometimes I wake exhausted.

  4. I have dreamed about flying so much that sometimes I think I must really be able to. Shhhh....don't tell anybody! ;-)

  5. I just wanted to thank you so much for being a faithful bloggy friend. You come to my blog, read what I share and leave a kind comment. All when I have been almost nonexistent for over a month. Thank you, thank you. It means so much to me.


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