Monday, August 26, 2013

We Went Out Last Night

Actually it was Saturday night, hadn't been dancing in forever and decided it was time, so we went to check out a band that had a guitar player we knew.  They were playing at a new club, well kind of new, it use to be a club we went to frequently and then the owner had a heart attack while sitting at the bar and the place had to be sold.  Anyway, we hadn't been there since the new owners took it over and we decided to see what it was like.  Called a friend who'd been there and she was less than thrilled with the place, too few tables to sit at and  too many pool tables.  Oh well, told her we'd be going anyway.
So there we were, place looked cleaner than we remembered,  the band was ok, not as good as they thought they were, but definitely danceable and that's what we'd come for.
So we danced, stretched out muscles that hadn't been stretched in awhile, got our breathing to settle down and finally managed to stop stepping all over each other's toes, it felt good.
After a few dances a nice looking lady came over to our table and in a lovely burr told us she was from Scotland and she loved our dancing, that we moved as one, we were fantastic and would we mind if she video taped us.  We just kind of looked at her, hadn't she seen us stepping all over each other?  Don't they dance in Scotland?  Well, she looked like a nice lady and we told her we wouldn't mind, so she did.  A bit later she brought her sister over who also complimented us and thanked us for letting them tape us, said they could watch us all night, but unfortunately they had to drive to Raleigh, North Carolina where the sister lived.
They left, we danced, it was a good night, made us want to go out a bit more, guess we're not quite as old as we thought we were, of course our knees ached all day yesterday, but they would have anyway.

I'll leave you with a little Kenny Chesney, he went out last night too.

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  1. Well doggone, if someone asks to videotape me dancing, I would be tickled pink! You both must be really good dancers!


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