Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Clean-Up

Hermine is well gone, heading up the east coast, they say she may become a hurricane again.  We're cleaning up the yard.  Nothing big came down, but loads of smaller branches and debris.  Plus it bent a Lantana tree over and almost pulled it out of the ground.  I helped Mac straighten it out and stake it so it will stay up.  Some bigger branches came down on the south side of the house , but we have an open field there so no need to clean up.
Mac has worked on cleaning the driveway which was a big mess.
Took our morning walk and saw many branches, some quite big, and a tree or two down.  Glad it's over with.  Should have lovely weather for a few days.  It actually got down to 66º last night, first time since about March.
I spent awhile, for the first time in months, pulling weeds in the garden.  Hope to get back out there tomorrow.
There was a 5.7 earthquake in Oklahoma so I called my sister who lives there to see if all was ok at her place.  She said she felt it, that it was loud, but that it didn't hurt anything.  She wasn't real close to it.
And to top things off a typhoon is headed to where my daughter lives in Japan.  It'll get there Monday.  Mother Nature needs to calm down.

Hope everyone here in the States is having a good Labor Day Weekend.  We all work hard, one way or another, so we deserve a holiday.


  1. Happy Holiday to you and I'm so glad that you are out of the storm. Fingers crossed that the typhoon runs out of steam.

  2. The weather is certainly active at the moment. I am glad you are both ok and hope that your daughter is just as fortunate on Monday. Take care xx

  3. Yes, a much needed holiday. Glad you don't find your clean up chores too onerous.

  4. Happy to hear the storm has passed and that you are OK. I hope your dear daughter is safe in Japan. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Hugs. Pat

  5. Goodness, all these extreme weather conditions, I hope it all calms down soon. Hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. I always dread picking up all the small sticks and limbs that fall during a storm and we get lots of that. I heard about the earthquake this morning. Glad your sister is okay. Being close would be scary. Sure hope your will be fine too. There has been a lot of rough weather around this summer. Hope you have a good trip.

  7. It does seem that the weather, around the globe, is doing some extreme things at the moment.
    Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes etc ...

    Hope you get everything cleared up ok, and you can look forward to visiting your daughter.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your entire family seems to be affected by crazy Mother Nature right now! Still believing in the adage that "lightning doesn't strike twice" you all should have nice weather for the rest of the year.

  9. Playing catch up... Happy to know you are all fine.
    Are you leaving soon for Japan ? I forgot when you said your trip was.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  10. Glad that you escaped with nothing worse than some fallen branches. Do hope that your daughter stays safe - a typhoon is the same as a hurricane isn't it?

  11. Glad it was not severe for you but my goodness it sounds scary. Yes agree Mother Nature needs to calm down. How are things with your daughter?

  12. So glad you are okay ♥ hugs

    Happy Belated Fathers Day to your hubby! Hugs ♥


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