Monday, November 28, 2016

One-Handed Package Wrapping

We're getting our Christmas tree later this week and I want to have packages to put under it.  I've wrapped some, but I need to do more.  My right arm is feeling almost normal and my left one has come a long way, but the right one is going to have to carry the load.  I can see it now:  cut, fold, stick tape dispenser under left arm to hold it, pull with right hand, tape and hope for the best.  Wish me luck.


I always knew that I threaded my sewing machine needle with my left hand, but I thought that was it, that the rest of the time it was just along for the ride.  Not true.

Things I didn't know that I did with my left hand:

Turns out I tear off tape with my left hand
I do the button on my jeans with my left hand
I wrap the scrunchie around  my pony tail with my left hand
I tear open packets with my left hand
I hold my book or Kindle in my left hand when I'm reading.
My left hand helps sweep the floor
I hold pans with my left hand while stirring
I unscrew the toothpaste with my left hand
I squeeze the toothpaste with my left hand

And may I point out, don't do any of these things with a sore left arm, it hurts like the dickens.


  1. Sounds awkward! I hope it is easier than it sounds. Good luck with it.

  2. Lots of heal well and good luck wishes coming to you ...

    All the best Jan

  3. Eeek, not sure I'd be able to manage one handed. Hope it starts to improve soon.

  4. What we do by memory muscles and not even think about is just amazing.
    Break out the decorated bags this year. Everyone will understand, happy that your here and not in hospital.
    Feel better soon

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I hope the arm gets better soon. I am very right-handed, but I am sure I do more left-handed than I realise!

  6. Well, here is the good news. I once read an article that it is good for your brain (Alzheimer's prevention ...) to switch up which hand you use for those repetitive tasks. 🙂

  7. IT is amazing how much we do routinely and do not notice until we can't do it anymore. Good luck with the healing process.

  8. I just caught up with past posts, I am sorry your arm is still painful. It sounds like you took a really bad tumble, such bad luck. Glad no bones were broken. Wishing you a speedy recovery! x

  9. Sorry you took such a tumble. Give your arm time to heal. Rest easy. It'll all get done. I had to have an MRI on my left arm last week. Everything is fine, but I was imagining all kinds of stuff. Enjoy your tree. We got ours up today, but no ornaments until tomorrow. I have too much to do...So I best get off of here and get busy!


  10. I'm sorry your arm is still giving you trouble. I hope it's better soon. My husband is having serious problem with his knee and I think he should get it looked at but he won't go. I think it's funny to stop and pay attention to how you really do things, like which hand you use for which kind of activity. It sounds like you might be ambidextrous!

  11. I'm just getting caught up with my blog reading. I'm so sorry you had that fall, and your Thanksgiving plans were ruined. I hope you heal quickly.

  12. When I had my injury to my neck+right shoulder and arm (16 years ago, but leading to early retirement and still troubling me) I had to be inventive and learn to do a lot of things with my left hand that I always did with my right - including learning to write with the left. I'm back to being chiefly right-handed again, but still with some things "ambidexter" (able to use either, if needed). One problem that has arisen and remained because of this is that I've become hopeless at giving directions (like telling people whether to turn right or left in a crossing). It's like my brain must have been used to thinking "right = dominant hand"; and now it's constantly confused and doesn't know how to tell them apart :)

  13. I think that every tiny thing in one's body is useful, I notice it even if my little finger is out of action. Well, you will appreciate your left hand all the more, once it is fully restored to use - and I hope that is very soon. Sounds like you are healing well.


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