Monday, June 26, 2017

Gone Phishing

The weekend just zipped on by, hot on Saturday and then steamy rain Sunday.  Only in the 80's today but or so humid, you feel like you're swimming even when you don't swim.
Yesterday I went to check emails and my computer wouldn't go there, I got a message saying my my email site  was a phishing site and it wouldn't open, not even when I told it to ignore the warning.  So I sent Google two messages telling them this had been my mail site for 14 years and was not a phishing site.  Sent an email to my internet provider who promised to get back to be in at least 3 days.
Luckily Mac could access the mail, as could I on my tablet.  Then last night I went to Preferences on Safari and in the Security part I told it not to give me a warning when visiting a suspicious site.  Lo and behold, I can now access my email.  Of course if I actually hit a bad site I'll not get any warning, but I don't visit many odd sites.


  1. It's coming!
    The rise of the machines!
    They are going to take over!

    I do wonder when it acts out of character ...

  2. Good you could solve the problem by yourself. I wonder if you can't change the setting back to give you warnings in a few days.

  3. Humidity isn't easy.
    Glad Mac sorted the computer problem out ...

    All the best Jan

  4. Computer issues are so aggravating! Glad yours was short lived. And, eye issues are so scary and it seems that it goes along with aging. Ugh! But, it does seem that they have come up with some most successful treatments in the past 20 years. Thank the Lord!

  5. Glad you got through the block. It's wonderful you have a pool to relax in.

  6. I always wonder if those messages are themselves some kind of scam. It's hard to tell! Glad to know you were able to circumvent it.

    P.S. So if we get an email from you requesting a gajillion dollars by wire transfer, we can ignore it? ;)

  7. They have a mind of their own, these machines. Glad you got the problem sorted - sadly not before a certain amount of frustration.

  8. Glad you managed to sort it... I hate my computer when it suddenly decides to 'be confrontational'! Jx

  9. I'm still having problems with my computer, but my son has been texting me some reassuring advice. I'm reluctant to get a new computer because I'm the only one in our house who has any technical knowledge and I know I'll find it difficult to set up a new laptop. I'm carrying on with the present one at the moment even though it throws up 'issues'. I've reviewed my security settings. Our son told me that Google has suddenly become security conscious and is tightening up on access even to our own account facilities. Humid weather is trying too.

  10. Computer issues suck!

    You know the humidity is high when you're swatting fish instead of mosquitoes.


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