Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Musings

It's time to post.
What I've been doing:

Sitting on the corner of the couch reading, still not back up to full strength

What I'm watching:

In the day time The Price is Right, I'd do terrible on this show.
At night lots of Family Feud.


To the doctor this week on Thursday to have all checked out.
Hoping to see a doctor about my toes, had to cancel last week's appointment.
Thrilled they took my drain out on Monday.


That I'm really tired of doctors.
That Miss Kitty has an admirer who shows up most evenings.
Like Sheldon we think it's a boy and he's a friend, but he's not a boy friend.

I'm Glad:

That Mac does the taxes, not me.  I wouldn't know where to begin.


Just finished The Disappeared by C.J. Box, he writes a series about a Game Warden in Wyoming and it's a great series.  Love his family and feel like I've come home when I read one.

Gloomy Sunday, hope yours is better.


  1. Having visits from a boy cat here too, and I'm not pleased as apparently he's not fixed and spraying everywhere. No neighbor claims him so I'm not sure where he comes from. We're a 1/2 mile from another house, and only 4 within 2 miles. After those, it's another mile or more to a house. If he's a stray he's well fed. I hope you feel better soon, Janet. There's nothing like a good book to put the miseries out of mind. A book and some tea.

  2. Hopr you are full strength soon:) Taxes are a mystery to me too:)

  3. Ours was a lovely, bright day, until the snow began.Best wishes on the doctor visits!

  4. I think nobody likes going to doctors, but we're all happy for modern medicine. Hope you get your full strength back soon. It's hard to be patient, but it takes time.

    My husband is a tax accountant. I'm happy he does all that stuff.

  5. We just delivered tax docs to daughter this evening. She's willing, and we just don't want to. :) It's not easy, but be patient with your body. It's had a rough year or so, and is hanging in there, and will regain strength. (((hugs)))

  6. Thankfully I no longer have to worry about taxes. Doctors can be a pain sometimes, mine nags so much I dread seeing him. However, I guess I could put up with it if I was really poorly.

  7. Ours was gloomy outside but nice within as I read, felted, painted and cooked. All at my own pace!

  8. Sure hope you are finally on an uphill with your health. You are due.
    I'd be surprised if the cat isn't a suitor. They rarely hang around just for like and not love.
    I'll check out that book. Sounds like one I would like.

  9. Hope you feel better soon, it has certainly been a tough few months for you.

  10. Be gentle with yourself. That book sounds promising.

  11. It was wet and gloomy here too yesterday. Meeting my daughters in Durham sure helped the day. You must be so tired of doctors. Hope everything is perfect when you go see the doctor this week.

  12. Between the two of us Mr P and I seem to be frequently at the hospital or at our doctor's surgery, but grateful for the care we receive. I hope everything goes well with your medical appointments and you can relax in between.

  13. Hope all went well at the doctors and that you are healing and regaining your strength.

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