Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Note the train without all its track
If you enter this house you are in danger of being covered in ivy and having a bow stuck on you.  I need to stop decorating, and if I could find the rest of the track to my miniature train I would.  The tree is done and nearly everything else is too, including me.
I love Christmas, I love being with my family and cooking for them, surprising them with presents--things they wanted and some they didn't know they wanted.  I don't get stressed out by Christmas, it's a time when I actually slow down, think more about others and how much they mean to me.  I really enjoy making gifts for them, though I'm not sure how my fingers feel about it all.
Next I need to do cards, wrap packages for mailing and make some gingerbread people--I love the smell of ginger, even more than the scent of pine, ginger smells like Christmas to me.


Dining Room, almost done
I'm off to look in one more box to see if I can find my track, nobody wants to be off their track!


  1. Oh dear. Who is getting the sack of coal?

    What a pretty house you have.

    Love the GKC quote! No one could say he was a man without opinions.

  2. Your house looks terrific and ready for Chrismas.

    I hope you are on track

    Helen xx

  3. You have some lovely pictures on your walls too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, and as for the paintings, my husband painted them.


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