Monday, December 19, 2011


An apron, an apron, my kingdom for an apron!  I know I use to have an apron, I actually broke down and bought one once upon a time.  After hearing me moan numerous times  about my lack of an apron my daughter gave me one as a gift, but those aprons are long gone!
 I was baking cookies today, lovely, floury sugar cookies, and what did I choose to wear while playing with white, white, white flour, why a black shirt of course.  What other color could coordinate so well.
By the time the first batch of cookies were done I looked like I'd been in a flour fight with the 3 Stooges.
I've cleaned the kitchen, dusted myself off as well as I can, but there's another load of cookies to play with tomorrow and I still have no apron, any suggestions as to what I could wear instead?


  1. You know you need a real apron! I have several, all large practical affairs that cover me up properly. Today saw the year's first appearance of my Christmas apron which is covered with holly leaves and berries - very festive:) And very necessary when baking!

  2. I agree with Rowan that you deserve to wear a real apron and look pretty as you bake those delicious cookies.


  3. Oh dear, I practically live in my apron (because I'm a very messy cook). It's not pretty, just practical. Good luck in your quest!

    Meanwhile try an old T-shirt.


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