Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Love having a real Christmas tree, not much of a pine tree smell,  but oh so nice.  It's a Frazier fir and keeps its needles forever!  But there are pitfalls to real trees and we hit one of them this year.  No, it's not the cat climbing it, though we had a cat who use to do that, it's not a cat knocking everything off the tree or eating the tinsel, had one who did that too.  No, the problem is that fresh trees need water and this year our holder was leaking and when Mac found the water it was a mess.  We had the tree on a deep plastic lid and under that an oil cloth table cloth but the water still  got under it all
So we had to get the cloth and lid out, dump the remaining water, lay the tree down while we did this, dry up all the water so the wooden floor underneath wouldn't warp, get the holder back on the tree, stand it up, collect everything that fell off, sort out the lights, rehang ornaments and try to be cheerful about it.
The last part was the hardest, but after baking more ginger people and getting things back on the tree the cheerful came back.
I love a real tree, but we've got to find a better way to stand it next year.


  1. It looks very pretty, a beautiful shaped tree. We have a real tree too and I know that water and wooden floors don't go together! This year we are going to try using a big bucket to put it in with earth and sand. Then I'll cover the bucket to make it look more festive - anyway that's the plan!

  2. I love your tree. Glad you discovered the leaking container and hope there is no damage.
    Happy Christmasxx


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