Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost Christmas

One more day to go!  Always feel like a kid when it gets this close to Christmas.  Our daughter got here yesterday and we've probably had  a million cups of tea, usually only have it when she's here, eaten way too much food already,  and just enjoyed  all the catching up.
Santa worked in his workshop/garage all day and wrapped presents after lunch.  He says he's almost ready. UPS came this afternoon with things I'd forgotten that I'd ordered so I still have a couple of things to wrap.
Unseasonably warm again today, yesterday we broke a record it was 82, not quite that warm today, but too warm for this time of year, I'd like it a bit cooler.
I've been looking at aprons online and the prices are ridiculous!  Most sites that have stuff I like want 20-30 dollars.  Way too much money for something I'm going to make a mess of.  So I've been looking at patterns and after the dust of Christmas settles I'll be sewing myself one.  Tomorrow more cookies will be made and more of a mess, unless I can convince my daughter to make them.  I roped her into making a gingerbread house one year and she still hasn't forgiven me for that so we'll see how the cookies go.
This will probably be my last post till after Christmas so Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and fellow bloggers!


  1. Glad to hear that an apron is going arrive in your life soon:) Have a great Christmas!

  2. Your home sounds so busy and festive! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas:)

  3. Merry Christmas ... and may there be an apron under the tree for you!

  4. What a lovely gingerbread house. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. May you have a fabulous time and I look forward to following your blog posts next year. I've wanted a wrap around apron, or pinny, for years and shall be makikng one if a certain friend hasn't made me one for Christmas. I shall find out in about nine hours, but meantime, time for Zzzzzzzzzz

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas, I know you will.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and happy overeating! (You're not the only one.)

    Can't wait to see your apron.


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