Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Lucky I Am

When asked if I got everything I wanted for Christmas I always say yes because having our daughter come is always the only thing I really want.  And when asked what I want besides that I'm usually hard pressed to think of anything much, though I LOVE when I get something homemade.

My 2 favorite Christmas gifts fall into that category this year.  Mac painted me a picture based on on a vintage Christmas card and the lady in the pictures red coat looks so lush you want to reach out and touch it.  Meanwhile my daughter got me a Fairy House (have I mentioned my fairy addiction before?) and she showed it to her Dad when we visited her  at Thanksgiving,  and he came back and put together the other parts and fairies for it.   Then  when she got here at Christmas they put it all together.  I think it's beyond magical, and as I said, I'm a very lucky lady.


  1. What great presents, Mac's painting wonderful and the fairy house is cute. Lucky you:)


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