Friday, December 2, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas

Well actually on Dec.2 it begins, the tubs come out, Thanksgiving disappears and I try and figure out where everything goes.  Miss Kitty brings her friend Tail to inspect the first tub down.  I've been working like a demon  an angel on Christmas presents and Mac has finished 2 paintings for the Etsy shop.  Tomorrow we get the tree!


  1. Good luck with your decorating and I hope all your Christmas lights work.

    Love your two paintings

    Helen xx

  2. Oh no! You're one of those people who will make me feel guilty for the next three weeks that I haven't decorated the house yet!

  3. The pressure is on ... I have the itch to decorate but not the time yet. Sometime this week.

    A fun time of year.


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