Monday, January 23, 2012

Arm, Leg and First Born Child

I'm Worth Every  Penny of It.
Talk about expensive!  Miss Kitty has not been very well this last week , she frequrntly has trouble with hair ball and she keeps trying to throw up.  In addition she needed her shots and to get her flea medication so it was off to the vets this morning.  The vet thinks she might have an upper respiratory infection.  So she prescribed an antibiotic and prednesone for her to take for a week.  When it all added up I could have bought a small South American country with what it cost.  Hope this takes care of it or I'll be looking to hock a bunch of  cat toys.


  1. Get well soon Miss Kitty! I'm sure that she IS worth every penny:)

  2. I'm with Rowan, she's worth it.


  3. The prednisone should help, although it may make her a bit hyper. Hope she's feeling better!


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