Tuesday, January 3, 2012


For those of you who think it might not get cold down here in sunny Georgia, after all we're just north of Florida, let me tell you!  It went down to about 26 degrees last night, today's high was around 42--and it hit that for only a minute or two before heading down again, and tonight it's supposed to get down to about 22 degrees.  The electric blanket will be on high, the cat will be needed  and I may have to dig out the long johns, silk of course.


  1. I'd like to commiserate. Really. (Last night it was 5º for us.)

    You can take it!

  2. Temps about the same here as there--with a bitter wind most of Monday. I guess we've gone soft--in WY or VT this would be almost a 'January thaw!'
    Good reminder about the silk long johns--should dig out mine.

  3. I do believe you! The water in Key West was chilly. We flew American...it was the Eagle employees who messed us and many others up.

  4. 2 degrees last night for us. The HIGH today is 20. Tomorrow it will be 17.

    As I was grocery shopping today, I was remembering the Florida humidity and sunny winters of my youth. Then I got out of the car and RAN to the store LOL!

  5. We've got very high winds here,roads closed and trees down.
    Hope you are keeping warm and cosy.
    Happy New Year! :0)


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