Friday, January 6, 2012


I spent the morning cleaning again,  including the stove, so of course to balance things out  I had to make a mess.  And what better way to mess your stove up than to make candles.  The 4 little butterfly tea cups I'd gotten from Amazon and  I'd made those candles before Christmas.  Today I used the larger tea cup that I'd picked up in an "antique" shop in Oklahoma and the 2 little glass ones that I've been practicing painting on.
Instead of already scented wax I used plain candle wax  and put essence of rose in it.  I'm out of wax now and need to order more, I quite like making my own candles.


  1. Those are beautiful!

    Love the Janeian quote today.

  2. The tea cup candles look really pretty.

  3. These are so pretty. I have a candle in a cup which I bought but I've never actually lit it!

  4. They look beautiful, and I bet they smell divine!!
    Have a good weekend!

    Sharon x


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