Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm a coffee drinker, didn't start out that way, in fact thought coffee tasted awful when I was young.  But in my old age I find it's my drink of choice.  I actually started out as a tea drinker, good old fashioned Lipton tea brewed from a bag.  I've tried more exotic teas but never enjoyed them much and I think the reason for that is that I like sugar in my tea, lots of sugar and Lipton is perfect for that, flavored teas are not, nor are strong teas. I want my tea weak and sugary.
I drank tea all through my teen years and into my twenties.  Then in my 30's I turned to coffee, for I was working and I didn't have time to sip my tea, I needed to gulp down my coffee, get a jolt of caffeine and hit the road.  In the beginning Mac and I drank Taster's Choice , not a bad instant as instants go,  and then we  moved up to Starbucks when they started selling it for home use and we had a coffee maker. Did I fill my coffee with sugar like I did my tea?  No, for I discovered that no matter how much sugar I put in my coffee it didn't taste sweet so I simply learned to drink it black with nothing in it, fairly weak though.
A few years ago we started drinking  Dunkin' Donut coffee and we both love it, particularly since we retired and actually have time to sit down and drink a cup or two.  We don't use a coffee maker any more, just an electric kettle and a French Press.  I take mine  straight, Mac enjoys a splash of Irish Cream in his.
I still have the occasional cup of tea, particularly when our daughter is here.  She's a tea connoisseur, loves Lupica teas, they have over 400 varieties plus seasonal ones, loose tea of course, but me I still just drink Liptons with lots of sugar.


  1. Duncan Donuts coffee is very good. We have a French Press however, recently visited friends who use a Farberware Electric Percolator (it resembles the old style percolators, but is electric) It is fabulous and keeps the coffee piping hot. We purchased ours at Macy's. Now it is hard to return to the French Press, we are spoiled.

    Helen xx

  2. I love tea and coffee. When I was a child coffee was always a milky evening drink before bedtime made by boiling milk in a pan. Now I love my cafetiere coffee at about 11a.m. and also after our evening meal about 6p.m. Other times I drink tea and I love my mug of tea first thing in the morning:)

  3. I don't drink coffee at all and very rarely tea, though I used to drink quite a lot of tea when I worked.

  4. I love coffee smell and coffee-flavoured anything - except coffee the drink. Go figure.


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