Sunday, January 29, 2012


The table in happier days

The lovely library table and the painting in my entryway were out of alignment, so I straightened the painting and pushed the table a little bit.  Disaster struck!  The table literally fell apart and everything on it went crashing to the floor.  I was shell-shocked!  But I was lucky, other than a small blue and white dish that Mac says he can glue together, everything was ok.  Don't know why the table decided to fall apart, central heating is always a factor with old wood furniture.  Mac said that perhaps the last time we put it together (we always take it apart when we move) he might have  used screws that were too short and over time they worked their way our.  Right now the top is standing against the wall in the dining room and it's a solid chunk of wood, no veneer here, rather about 2 inches of solid oak.  We bought this table years ago in Germany from an antique dealer and we think it's probably from the 1920's.  So now Mac has an afternoon project, putting the table back together again and the little blue dish that broke.
The table now

Like new again

And he did get them put together very quickly, the table with longer screws and the dish with glue, so all is well again.


  1. oh dear, poor table but it looks all fine now, good for Mac!

  2. Gosh, I bet that gave you a looks perfect now though.

    Well done Mac.


  3. Crikey! That must have been a bit of a shock! It looks a really solid table though and has been put back together so you would never know!

  4. Hi - thanks for commenting on my blog, sorry to hear things are not as good as they could be, MIL lives with us now. I provide all her personal care and she can seem ungrateful. the post was a much for me, to remind myself to be patient. My dad has lost his hearing and my mum is not as mobile, I need to remember to slow down, walk at her pace and face dad and speak clearly. They are dwindling and it's sad, but I must enjoy every day with them. I will be broken hearted when they've gone. xxx

  5. So glad all was well. Looks a lovely table. Sad about the plate. Hope that wasn't an antique!

  6. What a lovely table (and I like your spinning-wheel). So glad no permanent damage was done.

    It just struck me that you must spend a fortune on picture-framing! :)


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