Monday, January 9, 2012

Ghostbusters Fridge

I cleaned my refrigerator today and it was worse than Sigourney Weavers in Ghostbusters.  Now I clean my fridge on a regular basis, tossing out all that's dead and decaying, pulling out the drawers and shelves to give everything a good going over and making sure it's fit to store food in.   But since the last cleaning I fear that Zor has moved in and it took all morning to exorcise him.


  1. Have to say that if my fridge had been making those noises I really don't think I'd have opened the door! Great film Ghostbusters - especially the title song. Just you listen carefully before you open that fridge door......

  2. Doesn't Sigourney Weaver look young in that clip? It's my freezer which tends to get overlooked but I had a good sort through it just before Christmas and I know where everything is again.


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