Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grumpy Old Lady Time

We just paid our quarterly taxes so it's time for one of my old lady rants.  I hate paying taxes and seeing how so much of our tax money is wasted makes it worse.  Again I turn to Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma to find a list of places our taxes have gone to.
•The list includes: $75,000 to promote awareness about the role Michigan plays in producing Christmas trees and poinsettias.

•$15.3 million for one of the infamous Bridges to Nowhere in Alaska

•$113,227 for video game preservation in New York

•$550,000 for a documentary about how rock music contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union

•$48,700 for 2nd annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival to promote Hawaii's chocolate industry

•$356,933 to study to look for connections between cocaine and risky sex habits in quail

•$10 million for a remake of "Sesame Street" for Pakistan

•1/3 of the billion dollars given to homeowners for tax credits for adding energy efficient features to their homes went to folks (prisoners, underage children) who didn't have a home

•$35 million allocated for political party conventions in 2012

•$765,000 to subsidize "pancakes for yuppies" in the nation's capitol--it was to build an Ihop restaurant in an underserviced area of the city, but instead the restaurant was built in an affluent area

•$764,825 to study how college students use mobile devices for social networking

•$17.80 million to China for social services

Just makes my day to know my money is working so hard!


  1. I think it's the same the world over.

  2. I've always thought I could find better uses for the money I relinquish for taxes. This is not really a government 'for' or 'by' the people!
    By the way, yours is one of the blogs currently giving me a problem with the comment feature--I usually have to try several times to get 'in.'

  3. Risky sex habits in quail? Words fail me.

  4. You couldn't make it up.



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