Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions, I Hope

Time to review last year's resolutions, decide if I succeeded with them or need to revamp them,  and make some  plans  for 2012.
Last year's resolutions:
Resolution #1 was  cleaning and organizing my closets  and  that was done, but it didn't"take", my closets are rather like Pigpen from Peanuts and with very little help from me they collect dirt and clutter with each passing day.  I'm hoping the organizing I've been doing the last few days will last a bit longer.  There's one more closet to do downstairs and it's so bad it's scary.  Fibber Mcgee would love this closet,  it's a bit of a death trap and I'll be dealing with it, very carefully,  this week.

Resolution #2 was to organize our books and that's been a bit of a mess too.  I organize, put genres together, make lists of that's where, order more books, stack them every where and end the year as badly organized as we be began.  So I got ruthless, cleared out nearly 200 books, organized what was left and thought I was doing pretty good, and then Amazon started delivering more books.  Well, at least my Kindle is organized.  I plan on donating books more regularly so they don't accumulate in disorganized stacks, read more free Kindle books and get nightstands that have doors where I an hide more books.

Resolution #3 was to really get my scrapbooking up to date, HA!  I don't think I even touched it last year, made lots of excuses and nothing was done.  Just stacks of pictures, cards, embellishments, and mementoes laying everywhere.  But over the last few days as I cleaned out the closet in my make a mess room I organized all of my craft stuff and all of the things for my scrapbooks, so cross your fingers, something might get done in 2012.  I want to get some of the books done so I can pass them on to my daughter and before I completely forget who the people in the pictures are.

       Resolution #4 was to do more oil painting and I'm afraid I did even less.  Mac gave me some strange little canvas's for Christmas and I'm hoping they'll inspire me to paint more, he sets a good example for me he paints every day.

Resolution #5 was to exercise more and up till summer I did exercise quite a bit, but summer was very hot and I'm too cheap to air condition a room just for me and so I got out of the habit and more out of shape.  This has to stop so I resolve to do aerobics at least 3 times a week in addition to our daily 2 mile walk.  I'd love to lose weight, but even more importantly I need to keep myself more fit.  I want to still be able to tie my shoes.

Resolution #6 is a new one, I am bound and determined to learn how to make home made raviolis.  I have a pasta machine and I've tried before but this time I'm not going to give up until I master it.  We both love raviolis and have not found any at local  restaurant that are  as good as we remember from a restaurant  back in California.  Plus most of the ones served here are cheese raviolis and we prefer raviolis with meat sauce.  Of course with my luck I'll finally figure out how to make good ones and put on 10 pounds.

So it looks like I'll just keep last year's resolutions, add one new one,  and work a little harder on all of  them. Wish me luck because  I'm not very good at follow through  I've often thought  I might  have a touch of ADD. LOL


  1. Good luck with all the resolutions. I really need to exercise more, I do very little at the moment, plus I want to start walking more than I do already, I know my dog would enjoy that too. Happy New Year and all the very best for 2012.

  2. The trouble with resolutions is that they're very difficult to keep! Good luck with yours! Your cupboards sound almost as bad as mine and we only moved in two years ago!

  3. I get tired just reading about it. I don't really make any specific resolutions myself.

  4. No resolutions here apart from one that I've just read on another blog. I resolve that I'm going to Have A Ball in 2012! Happy New Year!

  5. Well, you know, the best intentions ... but imho, cleaning up and organizing are two vastly overrated virtues. I'd say, work on the painting, and the pasta!

  6. Mmm, homemade ravioli. Definitely a worthwhile ambition.

    I like the idea of nightstands with doors to hide more books.

    Good luck!


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