Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No, Not That Kind of Birdcage

One Down, 29 to Go
When we first moved into our house I was pleased that there were no pulls on the doors or drawers in our kitchen.  Our house in California had been  Spanish style and the drawers had  large wrought iron pulls that my clothes were always getting caught on and more than once I'd caught my ring on one and it felt like I was going to pull my finger off.
But after 8  years I realized that  I wanted pulls.  Not having them meant I was always getting drawers and doors dirty when I was cooking and reached out to open one.  And sometimes your hand would slip when you were trying to pull open a drawer and it hurt like the dickens.  So I've been looking for a style of handle that I liked and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.  I found the style, it's called Birdcage, and I knew the finish I wanted, brushed nickle, what I didn't want was the $6-$8 that most places wanted for them.  I have 10 drawers and 20 doors in my kitchen, so I needed one with a reasonable price, which I finally found at Home Depot.  I bought one handle and brought it home to see if I liked it in my kitchen as well as I had in the store.  I did,  so Mac installed it today, now to slowly buy the rest of them because even at a reasonable price that's a lot of handles.


  1. Those look very nice and I am sure you will enjoy the new look. It makes a big differene, just changing knobs and pulls.


  2. ...and very elegant too.


  3. It's really pretty. Just make sure the shop doesn't stop stocking them before you're done buying them all.

  4. When we were building houses for resale we found that the price of cabinet hardware was daunting. We usually ended up with a mid-priced classic style from Lowes or HD. In the house I thought we might keep, I had pulled out all the stops and ordered antiqued copper knobs and drawer pulls. We lived there for 6 weeks before it sold--go figure!
    I have very plain white porcelain knobs here to compliment my natural maple cabinetry--only problem being they like to come unscrewed.

  5. It looks very nice; I don't think you'll regret it! I've never had a kitchen without some kind of knob or handle on the doors but I did have drawers like that on some pieces of furniture. After I hurt my neck/arm in an accident I had my brother put handles on those drawers; all except one antique chest in which I still have to open the drawers with a key. But only keep things in there now that I don't need so often!


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