Sunday, January 8, 2012

When I Was Born

On Facebook a friend of mine posted that "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones was the number one song on the day she was born.  I thought that was really cool so I went to see what the number one song was the day I was born.  Oh dear, it was "Five Minutes More" by Frank Sinatra, now not only have I never been a Frank Sinatra fan, but I've never heard of "Five Minutes More".  I looked it up on You Tube and I've got to say it's a pretty boring song.  I looked up the whole list of number one songs for my year and decided that if I could pick one I'd pick "Personality" by Johnny Mercer, a Savannah native.
Then I went looking to see if I could find what was number one when Mac and I got married.  It was "Help" by the Beatles,  I'd have laughed if I'd known that.


  1. Intriguing! I was 19 years old when Satisfaction was No 1 in the UK! It appears that there weren't charts in the UK before 1953 so I looked at the US charts and apparently it was someone called Freddy Martin (never heard of him!) singing something called 'To Each His Own' (yes, you've guessed it - never heard of that either!

  2. Ha ha, it's a good job you weren't superstitious. The Beach Boys were number 1 with Do It Again when I was born and Elton John was number 1 with Sacrifice when we got married.

  3. Oh I'm off to see what was number one when I was born!

  4. Now I've got "Help" running through my brain! I'll have to look up that info too.


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