Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where Did My Week Go?

It's Thursday, how did that happen, yesterday was Monday wasn't it?  Little things ate my week:  a Doctor's appointment in Savannah so they could blind me with bright lights and then tell me I'm not blind, well in a couple of hours I wasn't.
Cleaned the computer room and it stayed clean for about 60 seconds and wore me out for hours.
Painted a flower pot to plant my gloxinia in.
Finished my apron, but it's a Christmas one and now I'll have to make a regular one.
Started a small Christmas quilt, yes I know Christmas is over, but Christmas fabric is on sale so I'm taking advantage of that.
Tried to figure out how to make a cover for my bread maker, I am not good at visualizing things and I can't find a pattern to make one.  So far I've wasted about 1/2 yard of material, but I may be able to use that to make a pattern.
Exercised twice, walked every day and tried to play a bit more piano, Beethoven and I have gone a few rounds, so far I'd say he's ahead, but then he's had more practice than me.
The weather has been good here, mainly in the 70's with a bit of rain yesterday, so I've been raking pine straw in the front yard, almost finished, but I'm sure more will fall.
And that's how I got to Thursday before I knew it.


  1. yes you have been keeping busy!
    I like the idea of the Christmas Quilt, thats forward planning for you.

  2. I like that you are getting ahead and planning for Christmas 2012. Just like the week zooming by, the months do likewise.

    Have a great weekend
    Helen xx

  3. Hah--several tries to access your comment box--always nasty little gremlins.
    WHY is it that spaces laboriously cleaned immediately return to untidiness?
    Rhetorical question [sigh] I suppose some of us are just mess-makers!
    Since the comments feature is being so quirky, I'll reply here to several of your recent blogs:
    Re sugary tea: I'm content with quite basic tea--I put honey in it, no milk [arrgh.] Coffee was a learned taste--just one cup per day in the morning. J. has suddenly decided he shouldn't be drinking it, so I get the coffee maker out only occasionally.
    Where has this week gone? I've been wallowing in the thought of where my whole life has gone---with retirement has finally come the realization of more years behind me than lie ahead. Have to make the most of them!

  4. But mostly fun things happened - except perhaps the eye doctor. You're way ahead of the game for Christmas! Good for you.

  5. Wow! You've been busy, I feel tired just reading about your week. I love the plant pot, your painting has made it so pretty.

  6. So right re Christmas fabric...I'm going to make a Christmas tree skirt next week.

    Christmas isn't going to sneek up on me again this year.



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