Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yankees in Georgia Part Three

And now we get to the final return.  Mac retired from teaching (I talked him into teaching after we moved to California) in 2002 and I was planning on retiring in 2003 so it was time to find where we wanted to retire.  We were living in a small (50,000 people is a small town in California) town in southern California where we owned a beautiful house, but the town was desert-ugly.  If we stayed there we'd probably substitute teach to supplement our retirement and nothing much would change in our lives.  But we were missing our daughter badly, she had not liked California and had stayed only a few years before moving to Virginia and then Maryland.  We wanted to be closer to her but didn't know if we could deal with the snowy Maryland winters.  So we started thinking about Georgia, but didn't particularly want to go back to the Augusta area, and remembering how much we use to enjoy coming down to Savannah we decided to come down here and look around.
We were looking for a one-story house on a bit of land, what we ended up with was a gigantic two-story house on a lagoon near the Ogeechee River.  It was love at first sight for Mac when he walked out in the backyard here, realized he could fish morning, noon and night, and said this was the house he wanted.  I love the house too, though I wish it had fewer stairs.  We've been here 8 1/2 years now and still love it.
If you add up all the years we've lived in Georgia it comes to almost 16 years, longer than we've ever lived any where.
Will we always live in Georgia, probably not, we're closer to our daughter now and get to see her quite frequently, but as we grow older we know we want to be even closer to her, so we'll probably end up in Maryland, just not quite yet.


  1. I just read all three parts of your story... Interesting, thanks for sharing! You've certainly lived an eventful life. Also a reminder that everyone has a story.

  2. That is a large house!
    Fun to be able to fish 3X a day :)
    I know it has to be humid there b/c it is here! I'm on the border of Ky/Tn...always humid...
    Oh haha! My code to type in?
    Maters! Wish I had some.

  3. It looks just lovely.


  4. My hubby would love to live somewhere where he could fish, maybe one day.

  5. Your house looks lovely, not surprised that Mac fell in love with it. I'd struggle to decide between Savannah (beautiful but very hot and humid in summer) and Maryland(handy for Washington DC and all those great museums but not so great in winter) but suspect I'd settle for Savannah in the end.

  6. I enjoyed your 'trilogy'--life stories of real people are usually better than fiction!


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