Monday, January 16, 2012

Yankees in Georgia Part Two

First house in Georgia
After serving in Korea Mac and I decided that he might stay in the Army a bit longer so that we could go to Europe.  Well he stayed in 21 years and in 1981 we found ourselves with orders to Georgia again, I cried.  I didn't have fond memories of Georgia, we'd just been so poor that it was miserable.  But I dried my tears, told Mac ok, but I wanted a pool!
So in September of 1981 we moved to Evans, Georgia, that's near Augusta,  but more rural.  When you're returning from overseas, and we were coming back from Stuttgart, Germany, your priority is to find a house quickly.  That's what we did, nice home, near April's school and room to put a pool in.

Pool at first house

After a couple of years though we decided we needed more land and so we sold that one and bought a house on 2 1/2 acres, put in a pool, had horses, got a sheep dog, had a bunch of cats, April was nearly through with high school and we got orders to Turkey.  I cried, again.  But we worked it out, went to Turkey for 2 years, came back to Georgia, Mac retired from the Army, all of us finished college, I started teaching school and Mac went to work for a communications company.
Second House

We were pretty settled in Georgia, reasonably happy, but we missed home, home being California and what remained of our families.  April said she'd not be returning to Evans, she was in the middle of her Master's Degree and would probably go to Atlanta or stay up in Athens (Georgia that is) when she was through. So we decided to go home to California, hoping we'd be able to lure her out there when she was through with her degree (we did, but she hated it)
Our second stay in Georgia ended in 1990, but that time we left our daughter and only good memories behind.  Again we didn't think we'd be back.


  1. It is interesting seeing American houses.

  2. You've had an eventful life haven'y you? Looking forward to 'what happened next'!

  3. I bet there was a massive difference between life in California and Georgia,


  4. You've certainly travelled. I've only lived in four houses my entire life, and all in the same city.


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