Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was gloomy, foggy and busy, very busy.  Up at dawn or what passes for dawn for us, for as I've said before I am not a morning person, to go for a medical exam that involves smashing things and x-raying them.  That went well with results given within hours.
Then my new car had its 6 month check-up and oil change, free, part of the lease.  I've only put 1600 miles on it in 6 months which means I'm averaging around 266 miles a month.  Not bad when you consider we live out in the boonies and even the trip for yesterday's exam worked out to about 60 miles round trip.
While that was being done we did our morning walk and went for a fast food breakfast at Krystals, a place that specializes in square hamburgers, but also fixes a decent breakfast.  I'd never eaten at a Krystals before, and though it won't make my list of top places to dine, it was ok.  Except for giving me grits instead of hash browns.  You know you're a real southerner if you like grits, I blockaded them on one side of my plate and ignored them.
We then managed to get our grocery shopping done at the commissary, which was quite crowded with some actual shoppers, too many people with cups of coffee standing in the middle of the aisle staring at the rows of food as if they weren't quite sure what it was, and several semi-grownups blocking the aisles while staring at their phones.
Home by noon to medicate the cat who's doing much better.  I've finally learned how to hold her while Mac shoots the medication into her mouth, I wrap her in a towel so that she can't add to the network of scratches she's given me.  Though if looks could kill I would be in for some serious medical problems.
Today is beautiful, well up in the 70's with sunshine, so after our morning walk I went out to take some pictures in the yard.  My Camellias are finally blooming, all of my neighbors' have been blooming for months. They're all show and no smell, but I like them anyway, wish I had some white ones.
The Carolina Jasmine around the pool has been blooming for a couple of weeks.  It's usually the first plant to flower here.

The water in our lagoon is very low, over the last 2 years we've received 20inches  less rain than we should have and this year is not starting any better. Even so  I still enjoy the view.  In the 2nd picture, if you look very closely in the sunshine on the water you can see a load of fish who thought I was Mac coming out to feed them.

The next picture is of an orange tree that we grew from a seed, but not intentionally.  We were eating oranges outside day and throwing the seeds into the bushes. next to the steps.   Well last year we were pulling weeds out of the gardenia bush next to the steps and realized that one of the plants wasn't a weed, it was an orange tree.  So Mac dug it up and put it in a pot where it has done quite well.
Next are Mac's fava beans, also know as broad beans.  He planted them in November and we thought they'd just winter over and start producing in the spring, but winter has been so mild that some of them are starting to flower.  Who knows we may be eating beans much sooner than we expected.
I know this beautiful weather won't last, and in fact we're supposed to have highs only in the 50's by Sunday, but oh it's nice for now.


  1. How wonderful to have an orange tree in your garden!
    It's cold and gloomy here today,12degC and getting colder...roll on Spring! :0)

  2. The troube with cats is that they're sharp on all four corners.

    I've got to catch the feral cat again ths month and get him to the vets...I'm dreading it already.


  3. You've been busy. Glad to hear that the cat's getting better. We used to have a cat and anytime he needed tablets I was the one who had to give them. He'd sit like a baby for me while I threw the tablet down his throat. I've just sown some broad beans. I'm hoping that I like them as I didn't as a child.

  4. Highs "only" in the 50s? You pampered Southerners! :)

    Glad to hear the cat is doing better. What a pretty orange tree.

    I share your feeling about grits.


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