Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fruits of the Garden

Our weather has been unusually cool and wet.  Not good for swimming, but the garden loves it!  We've been eating tomatoes for weeks now, having to pick them a bit green to keep critters from carrying them off though.
The flowers are also doing well too, the hydrangeas are spectacular and the day lilies and gladiolas are also having a good year.
I pulled 500 weeds today, yes I counted them, and hardly made a dent.  Rain or shine the weeds grow.
I'm hoping to get enough tomatoes to make some home made tomato sauce, the peppers and basil are both doing well so it would be completely home grown.


  1. We are again battling blight on the tomato plants--very discouraging. Old time gardeners here just shake their heads and mutter--there seems to be no sure preventative.

  2. home grown tomatoes are the best.We could do with a drop or two of rain here - most unusual for it to be so dry! You mentioned watching weather forecasts in Inverness. Although only 60 miles from us it is on the east coast and the weather can be very different from here!

  3. Cool and wet describes the weather over here as well. I don't often grow veg of any kind but I do love the taste and smell of homegrown tomatoes straight off the vine. You never get the same thing with store bought tomatoes.

  4. We could use some of that rain up here. Your tomatoes look wonderful.

    I like your new colour scheme (although I had a bit of trouble finding the "Comment" button).


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