Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Did My Week Go?

I had plans, lots of plans, I was going to sew my summer bag, make pillows and napkins.  What did I get done?  Well the bag is cut out and started, but that's about it.  Some how life always interferes.
Yesterday was eaten up by my dermatologist, who scanned, burned, cut and sent parts of me off to be biopsied.
Then today after dealing with my penance (that's what I call housework and today's penance was bathrooms and family room rug) I had planned on getting serious about the sewing, that is after I looked for a new vacuum cleaner online.
That's where today's sewing ended.  We were off line, I couldn't get us up, Mac couldn't get us up, the people at tech support couldn't get us up, they said to head into town and trade our old modem for a new one.  When we got to the internet office, they said that I was the 4th person in my area that tech had sent in for a new modem, so it was more than a modem problem.  The kindly lady at the help desk told tech to get it sorted, found a way to lower my monthly bill by $18 and gave me a new modem.  She said they like to keep their customers happy.
Well in less than an hour the internet was back up and I'm very happy, except I didn't get to sew, maybe tomorrow.


  1. So many of my days and weeks seem to be frittered away--are we less focused in retirement mode or does everything we need to do simply take more time/energy than it formerly did?

  2. That lady sounds like the kind who will get her company a lot of happy and returning customers! Glad you're back online. I do know what you mean about weeks flying by, I can't believe it's already Friday again!

  3. I'm definitely less focused since I retired. When I worked I had only so much free time to get stuff done, so things got done, now I seem to have adopted a very "manana" attitude.

  4. Wow, our internet provider keeps trying to rent us THEIR modem and raise our fees! What good customer service.

    The time does slip away.

  5. I hope your results are all good.

  6. Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.


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