Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hotter Than H**l

I was going to sew, I was going to exercise, I was going to make the world safe for ..... Well  you get the picture, but we went from having temperatures in the 70's and 80's (we even broke records for lows this week) to being over a 100, with a heat index of 118.
So we did a really short walk, sweat, sweat, melt, melt, went to the store for to get vittles  for the 4th of July and turned on the air conditioning way too early, but it was already 87 in the house and worse outside.  We try to get by with ceiling fans as much as we can, but there's being thrifty and there's being foolish.
So I've played the piano and I getting ready to go for a swim.  My cat, Miss Kitty, has been laying under the fan in the computer room all day.  She knows when to lay low and we'd be wise to emulate her.


  1. Hear, hear! We air out in the early morning and then shut the windows and close the blinds for the rest of the day (no AC). We hit 100 the last couple of days too.

    It's a crazy hot year and horridly dry up here. Enjoy your swim!

  2. It seems like North American is experiencing a heat wave. The 100 temperatures seem common. There is no where to hide. Your cat has the right idea


  3. Suddenly the gray rainy day outside my windows doesn't seem so bad...


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