Monday, June 25, 2012

It Never Fails

You know, we watered the garden, put water in the pool, thought about washing the car.  And what happened.  Well Tropical Storm Debby is what happened.  Instead of turning completely around and heading west to Texas it has stalled in the Gulf of Mexico and is flooding Florida and soaking us.  We've had over an inch of rain since last night.  She's supposed to hang around until Wednesday.  That is unless a butterfly flaps its wing and the whole weather pattern is changed.
The worst of this is that I said the next time it rained I was going to paint doors, even bought paint, so I guess that's how I'll be spending the next couple of days.


  1. Oh please--send that rain on to KY on a butterfly wing and a prayer!

  2. If you lived in England you'd have painted your whole house and be looking around for something else to paint! Still, one inch sounds a pretty terrifying amount to fall in such a short time. I hope it clears up soon!


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