Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well That'll Teach Me a Lesson!

While walking yesterday we met up with a neighbor and somehow or another the conversation came around to who provides our tv service.  We said we've had Directv for years, it had moved here with us from California.  She asked how good was it and we said great, few problems, reliable service. HA!  So today I turned the tv on downstairs and it said "Searching for satellite signal", but it never found it.   When we checked the tv upstairs the signal was fine.  So I called Directv and they walked us through all the things Mac had already checked and we still had no signal.  So they're coming out next Wednesday.
Good thing the tv upstairs is still working and good thing I have the internet or that dark hole that opened when our internet connection went down the other day would open even wider.

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