Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yummy Peach Jam and a Minor Rant

Using absolutely luscious Georgia peaches 11 jars of jam were made yesterday.  It was sticky, steamy work (thank you Mac for your help), but so worth it.  The jam tastes delicious.
Now for my minor rant, I watched House Hunters last night, the regular one and the international one.  And though I frequently hoot at the silly people buying houses (it doesn't face east, those trees will have birds that will wake me up, oh I can't live with popcorn ceiling---you know what I mean), last night's episodes were particularly bad.
A young couple in Minneapolis bought their first home and had their new  address tatooed on them.  Were they afraid of getting lost, were they that silly?  I had to turn them off.
The international episode was bad in another way.  A young couple were moving from Kuala Lumpur  to Tokyo and they knew they would have to pay more for an apartment, but they were shocked by what was called "key money", that's basically a bribe you pay the landlord so he'll rent you an apartment, it's nonrefundable, and may equal up to 6 month's rent.
Why should you have to pay a bribe, when American companies operating in a foreign country pay a bribe (think Walmart, they paid some bribes in Mexio) they get into trouble, it's illegal.  Why doesn't our government step in and stop renters from having to pay a bribe in a foreign country?
Our daughter loves Japan and dreams of having a job there some day, I wonder if she knows about key money?

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  1. Oh, peach jam is wonderful. I have a beautiful American recipe also for peach pie. I have just remembered that I haven't made this for AGES and I must look it out. The pastry contains ground up hazelnuts. Oh, it's such a yummy pie, and quite simple to do. We don't have gorgeous fresh peaches here, but since they are cooked you can get away with less-good ones that they sell over here.

    Now where did I put the recipe....


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