Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Mac and I met 50 years ago on March 17, I fell for him right away, took some time to convince him though.  We'll have our 48th wedding anniversary this year and it doesn't seem possible.  He's still the pretty boy I fell in love with, my best friend and who I love even more now than then.
We've lived through 21 years in the military, more moves than I can remember, the lose of both our parents, some illness and more happiness than it seems possible.
People say you have to work at a marriage, but we've always said that what you need to do is remember why you fell in love and married in the first place.
He is my Valentine, today, and always.


  1. Sweet that you can still say that after so many years!

  2. How nice to hear your love story. A happy belated Valentine's Day to you both!



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