Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Monday

My sympathy to the workers of the world, been there, done that, now sleep late.
Enjoyed the Super Bowl sort of, we're from the San Francisco Bay area so we were rooting for the Niners, but our daughter's favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens so we're kind of glad they won.  Exciting game, 30 minutes with no lights and some pretty awful commercials.
Finished The 1900 House, they should have called it The 1900 Whine House, that lady should be forced to sit and watch herself, I'm surprised her family doesn't run away from home.
Downton Abbey was better this week, O'Brian is her truly awful self again, boy is she setting Thomas up.
Been cleaning house to include waxing floors, I'm really getting too old for this stuff, need a cleaning lady or a smaller house.
Mac and I made jam today, it went really quickly, don't know how I use to do it before he started helping me. Now there are 10 lovely jars of peach jam sitting in the kitchen.
Now I need to take a leaf from my cat's notebook and find myself a patch of sunlight.


  1. I felt exactly the same about the woman in the 1900s House series, she really got on my nerves! Peah jam - that sounds so good. It's Seville orange season here so I need to get some and make marmalade.

  2. Glad y ou are enjoying Downton Abbey, one of our better exports! Love the photo of your cat in the sunshine. X


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