Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Impressions

We're big fans of the House series, we've seen the Manor House, the Regency House Party,  the 1940 House and enjoyed them all.  We started the 1900 House last night and it looks to be as good as the others, with a few quibbles.
We loved the opening episode where they searched for a period house to fix up and the work involved in getting it furnished and habitable.
The family picked seemed really keen for the adventure, particularly the Mother who said she's always had a passion for history.
Well her passion lasted less than 3 days before she threw a hissy fit because things just weren't going like she thought they should.  The rest of the family seems to be trying hard, but in my opinion, she's really letting them down.  I mean, boo-hoo, Dad gets to go out to work and I'm stuck here with all the housework and cooking.  Who did she think was going to do it, had she read up on this period at all?
I hope she gets "over" herself and throws herself into the experience or she's going to make her family miserable and we had the feeling they were going through this to make her happy.
As for me, I'd cut down on food and other supplies and use the money to hire a maid of all works..

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