Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home Cooking

For years I ignored crock pots and slow cookers, I really didn't like the idea of something cooking in my kitchen while I was gone.  Our daughter uses one and cooked us an incredible Easter meal one year.  Then there's Pinterest, I troll its pages looking for new recipes-- and I've found some wonderful ones, like Baked Chicken with Chorizo-- and I started seeing tons of recipes for crock pots.  So I gave in and ordered one.  It came in this week and as we went grocery shopping yesterday  I looked for something interesting to cook in it.  What I found were some lovely, and very pricey---but what the hay, you only live once, short ribs.
This morning I found a Pinterest recipe, added some ingredients of my own, browned the meat and onions, put in beef stock, added the meat, onions,  some carrots  and turned it on.  Does my kitchen smell like heaven?  Yes it does, can't wait till time to eat.

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