Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I guess the satellite dish be-
comes a casual hazard.
General Beauregarde Lee be d****d!  He saw his shadow Saturday on Groundhog Day and that should have meant 6 more weeks of winter for us here in the South.  But it's 70º here today and supposed to be warmer tomorrow, it's glorious, I almost feel a bit guilty we're having such nice weather.
Mac has resurrected our putting green, we'd rather let it lapse the last couple of years, but golf watching the last couple of weeks convinced us we needed to dig it out again.  If Phil Mickelson can live in the rough so can we.  Have to say that after reading that he's contemplating leaving California because taxes on top earners, that each time he sank a putt this weekend I thought I could hear the taxman giggling.
I worked in the garden clearing weeds and debris off the Hyacinths and Crocus that are getting ready to bloom.
It's starting to look like Spring in the garden.
Think we're going to go fishing tomorrow.

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  1. Shadow or not, we haven't had winter yet. We're sure not worried about an extended winter. Seriously, no snow and temps in teh 50s. YUCK!


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