Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday

The Fridays just keep coming quicker.  This week I'm joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home and others for this event.
My theme this week is the end of summer critters at our house.

Number One is the toad and turtle that Mac is raising in aquariums.  When he finds tiny critters or eggs, he'll often hand raise them and then let them go when they're older.  This year is a small toad and a box turtle.  They were each smaller than a quarter when he found them and would have been easy prey for some of the larger animals that live in our yard.  Instead they're growing up fat and happy.

Number Two are the big turtles who live in the lagoon out back.  They're always ready for feeding time and often climb out of the water as soon as Mac opens the back door.  One of them we call lefty because she's missing a leg, don't know why we call her, her, have no idea what sex she is.

Number three is the alligator who came to see what all the commotion was about when Mac was feeding the turtles.  We don't feed the alligator, it's against state and federal law to feed them, and just not a good idea.  If they get use to getting food from a human and then they don't get it they can get very aggressive.  This is the smaller of the 2 alligators who live in the lagoon.

Number four is some of the last of the butterflies.  Some are are bit shopworn, but it is the end of summer.  

Gulf Fritilary


Tropical visitor from Florida
Male Tiger Swallowtail

And Number Five is the 14 Crocosmias I planted.  The bag said 15 , but it lied.  I thought they were Crocus or Daffodils (the picture looks like Daffodils), but when I looked them up it said they were a member of the Iris family and are native to south and eastern Africa.  Iris's don't do well here as a rule so we'll see how many come up.

This is what the picture looked like on the package.


  1. I would give the alligator a miss - as I am sure would you! - but the others are charming, especially of course the beautiful butterflies! I hope that it has stopped raining for you now! Thank you for joining Five on Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend!!! Sorry to be late visiting, we have been away and just got back today. xx

  2. Wow!! What animals you are surrounded by! I would be a tad nervous about the two alligators though Janet x

  3. Its wonderful that you look after the turtles, I wouldn't be comfortable with a alligator in the lake near my garden. Your are certainly to be admired for your bravery.

  4. Crocosmias are beautiful and it looks like I could get them through the winter. On my list for next year.

  5. One of the reasons I like alligators! :)

  6. What a diverse set of animals and wildlife you have in and around your back yard - the butterfly visitors are so attractive, Crocosmia always look good this time of year but can take over a garden if you let them:)

  7. Love your lovely, colourful mini zoo.

  8. What lovely butterflies, different ones to ours. I don't envy you the alligators though, not sure I'd ever get used to that! BTW I was reading your previous post on the green glass thing, maybe it's a seal from a bottle, or part of one? xx

  9. I love the fact that Mac raises the little critters :) My childhood friend's father used to do this too, and they usually had some bird or other that was injured that they hand raised. But that alligator?! Gosh, that would just terrify me!! I don't think I would even want to wander down to the lagoon!!
    I was reading back a few posts and see that we share the same wedding anniversary (the Sep 10 date). Happy 50th Anniversary!! You make a very happy couple!

  10. I love all your critters! I'm wondering what you feed the turtles to make them so excited to "come n get it". We had a Deck Toad all summer but in the last week or so realized he's no longer here, and we're down to one anole. Still plenty of deer and the armadillo that lives under the deck.


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