Monday, September 21, 2015

Quick Weekend

I don't work, at an outside job that is, so I don't hang in there waiting for the weekend.  But this last one just zipped on by.  I've been crocheting a bit, trying to get something done before Halloween and though I love crocheting, I'm not the quickest at it, too clumsy for that.
Yesterday was football, football, football.  Sorry the Giants lost, but glad that it was Atlanta that got the win, very pleased that Green Bay beat Seattle and thrilled to death that the Oakland Raiders actually won a game.
My Boo-tiful Afghan Throw
We started watching The Second Best Marigold Hotel and we're enjoying it, not quite as much as the first one, though Dame Maggie gets off a couple of good zingers including one about polyps.  Have  no idea why they thought they needed Richard Gere in this movie, would have preferred any good British character actor.
I cooked  pork shoulder roast yesterday and used my crock pot, usually I do roasts in the oven, but I wanted to cook in a way that wouldn't heat up the kitchen, it was 93º here yesterday.  Had never done a roast in a crock pot so I checked out some recipes on Pinterest and sort of did a mixture of a couple of them: 1/2 cup water, some Worcestershire Sauce, garlic, Italian herbs-oregano, basil, sage, and cook the heck out of it.  It was so much better than the oven, even after cooking for hours it was so juicy, not dry, which pork has a tendency to be, at all.
Today it was up in the pre-dawn hours, around 7am, to go see my retina specialist, all is well with my old blue eyes, they're good for another 4 months.  I had to do the peripheral vision test this morning and I hate it.  After awhile I'm pushing the buzzer (you're supposed to do that when you see a light) randomly to just get it over with.  Then my eyes stay tired and I see little lights popping up for the rest of the day.  I like my doctor, his staff is great, but I wish I could sit in front of my computer and have them do the exam via Skype or something.
On the way home we stopped to buy some autumn flowers.  We got chrysanthemums and nothing else, the shelves were bare.  I wanted some bulbs to plant and they had nary a one, guess Amazon will get my order.
Today it's left-over pork for sandwiches and a salad, still hot and muggy, so that's about right, though I did make some chocolate pudding for dessert.


  1. Love the throw away line about chocolate pudding. I have both the Marigold DVD's and enjoyed them very much.

  2. Your blanket looks really great!!! Glad your eyes are OK. I wasn't sure why Richard Gere appeared in that movie either - or his character really! xx

  3. That peripheral vision test stinks, doesn't it. I get flustered and know I'm pushing buttons at the wrong time. The dr. said not to worry, I passed just fine.

  4. The slow-cooked pork sounds fabulous - and I like leftover pork in a roll even more than the original dish.

  5. I really like your Boo-tiful Afghan Throw, So perfect for October and beyond. I saw the first movie and really enjoyed it, but have't seen the second one.

    I love doing a pork roast in the crockpot. We loved pulled pork sandwiches and cold slaw and that the way I cook it. Doesn't the house smell good when your doing it?

  6. Sounds comfy and homey and like Fall is really on the way. The afghan looks like it's going to be a pretty one!

  7. Those are lovely autumnal colours that you are using in your Afghan and the roast pork in the crock pot sounds good, I must try it. Well done Mac for caring for the toad and the turtle! It's great that the big turtles know him too - not so great about the alligators:) I was so sorry to hear about your friend, what a dreadful shock for his fiancee and family.

  8. Your Afghan Throw is indeed Bootiful and I can smell your roast pork dinner all the way from here.

  9. Your mysterious find - is it the bottom of a bottle? You could maybe email the British Museum with a picture; I imagine they'd be interested.

    Crocosmia - once you've got them, they're there for life! At least that's the case here!

  10. Just love using the crock pot in summer. It is way to hot to use the oven or stove.
    I have a fabulous carnitas recipe. that is so easy and so wonderful.

    Thank You for the kind words on my Watson blog. I miss him.
    All is fine here just catching up on paper work.
    Back to blogging next month.

    cheers, parsnip


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