Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thank You

A big thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday, they were all appreciated.  It was a good birthday.  Mac asked me if I would have preferred a dozen red roses instead of the bears on the stairs and I of course answered NO!!!  Long after the roses would have faded away I'll still have the memory of the bears all wishing me a happy birthday,
It's a very muggy day here, not too hot, only around 80º, but the humidity is awful, it might as well be raining.  Still too warm to do much upstairs and I need to get up there to do some Christmasy things. Will try to get my afghan done this week and that's where I'm headed now.


  1. Happy belated birthday to you, Janet!

  2. I'm getting things made up for Christmas too! Never to early to start when you are making gifts. I like your new banner btw ;)

  3. Bears on the stairs would always be the way to go as far as I would be concerned - and not just because it rhymes! xx

  4. Glad you enjoyed your birthday - hope the humidity eases up soon, it's really draining when it's like that.

  5. Happy belated birthday. Those bears on the stairs are so cute.

  6. I hate so bad that I missed your birthday, so I am wishing you a late Happy Birthday! That was so sweet of Mac to put all those bears on the steps. Things like that mean so much more than flowers. I don't understand why your blog doesn't show up on my blog under blogs I follow. Probably something stupid I've done. I'm dangerous with a computer.

  7. Oh! belated birthday wishes to you! At least, I still made September! xx

  8. What a beautiful thank you note. And how lovely to hear you had such a lovely day.

    Best wishes,
    Marianne from Let's Read

  9. Hi

    I just heard from Jo at through the keyhole that we are to be swap partners for her 12 Days of Christmas swap. How very exciting. I will check out last posting dates to the states from the UK. If you swing by my blog and say Hi that would be great. We also need to swap addresses by email.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday too.



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