Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Train Trip

Today's photos are from our day at the trains, in particular the Teddy Bear Express.  Mac knows I love trains and teddy bears so before we went to England he'd tracked down a train to take one of our teddies on.  It was hard to choose who got to go, some were ruled out because they were too big to fit in the suitcase, some said they didn't like to fly and some just kept saying, "Me, me, me!".  But at last we chose the golfing bear and he was thrilled.
The train station was at Toddington in  Gloustershire, the Gloustershire Warwickshire Railway, a line that is manned by volunteers.  Closed down in   1976 volunteers got together, formed a railway society, got permission to reopen the line and have managed it since.  The next section to Broadway will open in 2017.
   They run 2 different trains, a dieseland a steam train; we bought an all day pass so we could ride all of the trains.  The first run was a short one going from Teddington to Laverton.  Along the way you cross over the Stanway Viaduct, you can't see it from the train, but I've included a photo of it.  This train was the Teddy Bear Express and everyone had a Teddy.
Stanway Viaduct
Then we returned to Toddington where we visited the shop and I bought a Station Master Teddy to keep our Teddy company.
With the 2 of them we then rode the steam train from Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse.  Along the way we had a stop in Winchcombe  where you could get out and wander around, we stayed on the train and had lunch, bacon butties around.
By the time we returned to Toddington the day had turned very cold and rainy so we headed home, but what a fun day.

The Teddy Bear Express

A Very Excited Teddy

Teddies in the Luggage Racks

Toddington Station

The Steam Engine That Took us to Cheltenham

All Aboard

Teddy's New Friend

Near the end of our trip I picked up one more Teddy, Paddington of course, complete with  his red wells.

My new header is a pair of paintings that hang in our dining room, painted by Mac of course.


  1. So much fun !
    You are/were very lucky to know about this and figure which one to take.
    The photos today are wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Your two new bear additions to your bear family are adorable, and how fun to ride the Teddy Trains.

  3. My Paddington bear sends greetings - he lost his hat some years ago and his wellies are yellow.

  4. I have a friend whose two stuffed frogs travel with her. My Paddington has a yellow hat. He's not jealous of the red hat.

  5. That looks like fun, and some lovely scenery, too. I like the old ads and luggage on the train platform.

  6. Good grief, never heard of a teddy bear express! so that is something new! I love the look of old railway stock, so much more appealing somehow than new. I don't think I'm just being nostalgic, either. ...

  7. What a fabulous trip, and wonderful that Teddy got to go too.

  8. Well that is something that I have never done and it is so near to me too, but alas I do not have a teddy

  9. Well we would enjoy all those trains and riding them! Looks like a fantastic day! :)

  10. How fun this looks! We watched Paddinton on Sunday at our adoption agency. I am duplicating the duffle coat for myself this autumn because I like it a lot. x

  11. Oh how much fun!!!!! I would love to go on a teddy bear express, I have several bears I could choose to take, but it would be a hard decision! Golfing bear looks as though he enjoyed it a lot and I am sure that he enjoyed having two new friends to take home with him too to introduce to the rest of your bears! What a fun thing to do! xx

  12. What a great time was by all humans and bears. I hope golfing bear is enjoying being home again with his two new friends:)

  13. Oh my dream is to go to England. I know this will never happen. I sure enjoyed seeing your pictures. I love the train and would love to travel on one again. In the 1960's my very young daughters and I rode a train from Tennessee back to North Carolina, through the mountains. It was fun.

  14. How lovely to see so many pictures of my beloved England. The next time you come to Europe, we must find a way to meet. :)

    Have a good day,
    Marianne from Let's Read

  15. Sorry I missed your visit, maybe next time? x

  16. Though I have never heard of the Teddy Express, I do love a train ride across England!
    And this particular ride looks right up my alley, what beautiful photos!
    Tammy x


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