Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Mutterings

It's Wednesday, it's raining---again---, the yard is soggy so no weeding.  It drip, drip, dripped all day long, more than 1/2 inch and more expected over the next couple of days.  I have bulbs to plant so maybe this would be a good time to get started.
Mac has started a new painting and I love it. It is based on one of the pictures we took on our trip to England.  It has to do with the steam tractor we saw.
 He wants me to start one, but I haven't been inspired by anything yet, so I'm working on my afghan throw and putting together some puzzle pieces.  I need to start on some of my Christmas presents that I'm making, as someone reminded me today it's only 100 days till Christmas.
My birthday is coming up and we want to go to Savannah and try another new, to us, restaurant so I need to start looking at menus again.  We want to do lunch again and I'm looking for a place that offers something besides sandwiches for lunch.
Now that they've got all the Republican candidates in one room (for a debate) can't they just lock them up and keep them there until sometime next year when we're actually going to have an election.


  1. Good idea on the politicians:) 100 days...oh my ...I suppose soon it will snow:(

  2. There is nothing like soggy ground for bulb planting. Especially bulbs with instructions "soak overnight before planting." Like I'd ever do that.

  3. Sounds as though the rain has dampened your spirits as well as the ground:)

  4. I'm with you on those crazy candidates! I can't even listen. Do let me know if you find an interesting restaurant we should try in Savsnnsh. My birthday is soon too!


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