Saturday, April 8, 2017


Blogger was down here yesterday for most of the day, and many other places too, then when it came back up our electricity went off.  It's been quite windy here since the storms this week.  Today is beautiful and we worked in the garden, I'd hoped to get some things planted, but all I managed was a ton of weed removal.  I just about have the strawberry bed cleaned up, I want to plant squash in front of them.
My Nasturtiums are blooming, just love them, such a nice nonfussy plant.  The cabbages are doing well, but I need to thin them.  The peas are all flowering, Mac put strings up for them to vine on.
Making use of Acorn we've been working our way through the first series of Agatha Raisin, what a fun show!
Hope you're having a good weekend wherever you are.
The strawberry bed with peas in the background

Romaine Lettuce

My Nasturtium

The Cabbage


  1. Isn't it nice to get your hands in the dirt again? Love spring and the newness of things!

  2. It's been gorgeous here today too, 20 degrees which is hot for this time of year. It's good to get out in the garden again.

  3. Considering the storm that pounded through on Wednesday evening, our area doesn't have much damage, but I've noticed since then my email program has behaved oddly.
    Trying to decide what you're using for planting containers--looks like Rubbermaid bins [?]

  4. They are plastic tubs, they last a couple of years.

  5. I wished gardens had no weeds ! I am so happy that we have spring weather now, but less happy about garden work, lol !

  6. We've sown trailing nasturtium seeds in the hanging basket, I hope they grow as I love the flowers in salads in the summer. I've read quite a few of M C Beaton's Agatha Raisin books but never heard the radio productions or seen the TV ones:)

  7. I have plenty of 'weeds' most of them having pretty flowers. I am no longer able to do gardening so I have a man who comes in every two weeks. Fortunately I am still able to walk round and enjoy the spring flowers.

  8. Yes, we too experienced problems with blogger. I think they are working on a new sign in speed or something!!!

    Lovely to see your photographs and isn't the Nasturtium a gorgeous colour.

    Happy Sunday to you

    All the best Jan

  9. Hey at least you can get out and get the weeds. It's been cold here in Indiana! Except for yesterday and today. I plan on weeding today. Nasturtiums are a nice plant. Annuals in this part of the country. We do have dandelions blooming. Makes me happy because my bees love them!


  10. I love Agatha Raisin too!
    I plan on planting some seeds today, wish me luck!

  11. Oh boy do I need to weed!
    I think nasturtiums are such a pretty, crisp-looking little flower, but I've never planted any. I may need to try it.
    I did pick up some lavender and snapdragons I'm anxious to get out.

  12. My garden is pretty much planted and thriving but your peas are ahead of mine with blooms. I, however, have five tomato blossoms! Can you top that? 😜

    1. No blooms on the tomatoes, they never do well here, but we keep trying.

  13. Your garden is looking great. I would love to grow peas; fresh ones are so delicious. I'm glad to hear that Blogger was having a more general problem yesterday; I tried to blog and couldn't, but I thought it was just me. Hope you have a good week!

  14. I'm glad you have a green thumb. My brown thumb doesn't bode well for any plant near me. I'll be enjoying watching as your garden blooms in the coming months.

  15. Nasturtiums are so pretty and edible too:)

  16. I'll have to check out Agatha Raisin.

  17. My, you are quite the gardener. Looking good.


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