Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday in the Swamp

Hot here today, it was 87º here yesterday and today feels worse.  We had to turn the air conditioning on.  Hate to use it so early in the year, but hate sitting around sweating and trying to clean house while you're soaked in sweat is awful.
Mac worked in the garden getting more Fava beans planted and he kindly planted my lima beans. We have sugar snap peas ready to pick and we'll have them tomorrow.  I stayed inside, it was just too hot for me to be outside.
Yesterday was our 20,000 mile check-up, also known as our annual physical.  All is well.  Had to do the stupid Medicare check list---are you depressed, do you feel alone and isolated, have you fallen lately, do you have trouble sleeping, stand up, walk to the door, say these 3 words, put the numbers on the clock, make it say ten after eleven, what were the 3 words.  If my doctor wanted this information I wouldn't mind, hate that I'm doing it for some mindless bureaucrat in Washington.  I threatened to answer the opposite of what I should.
House cleaned, as much as it's going to be, laundry on the line, piano played, aerobics and walk done, time to go work on the life-long cross-stitch project.


  1. Sorry, but this made me laugh. I've never heard of the Medicare check list. Wonder if I should be worried. :) We have had a couple of cool days, yesterday and again today.

  2. "sugar snap peas ready to pick" - bet they will taste great.

    Yes 87 sounds very very warm ... thank goodness for air conditioning!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  3. Wow, it sounds hot there, and so early in the year too. I'm looking forward to you sharing your cross stitch project with us.

  4. Could you please send about ten degrees of that heat over here and then we would both be happy.

    1. I wish I could, then i could work outside without melting.

  5. I don't think we have a system like your Medicare. Docs ask similar questions but only if they think a patient's mind is going. I could do with some of your weather.

  6. They usually just ask if you are safe in your home and if you are depressed here in Minnesota:)

  7. The 20,000 mile check-up made me laugh. I've always called it the "lube, oil, and filter" check-up.


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