Sunday, April 30, 2017

Slow Sunday

We always get up early on Sunday to Skype with out daughter in Japan (that 13 or 14 hour difference always gets me).   So after about an hour Skyping the rest of the day just drags, I'm sleepy and little gets done around here as I just drift around puttering.

I'm reading a couple of good books:  Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, a retelling of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.  I really like it,  Kate is such a mess, outspoken, does not suffer fools and is rather sad.  I can so identify with working in a daycare with 4 year olds, I did that before I became a teacher.  Her father is trying to marry her off to his brilliant assistant Pyotr to keep him from being deported.  Will hate to see it end.

Also reading Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates a fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe.  How much is true and how much is fiction is hard to tell.  I know nothing about Marilyn except her image, so I have to keep going to other sources to see if what Oates is writing is real.  A very different style of book for me, but I quite enjoying it.

I'm  also reading or rereading a huge book of 5 Agatha Christie novels.  Finished Murder at the Vicarage and now I'm working on Dead Man's Folly, to be followed by Sad Cypress, Towards Zero and N or M.  I'm not sure which I've read before, I'm more familiar with the tv versions which tend to be a bit different.

Watched a super hero movie this week, something we almost never do.  It was Dr. Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch.  Stunning visual effects and an ok story.

Been very hot this week and we had a quickie rain shower earlier, not enough to cool things off or water the yard, but good to have.  We've had a very dry spring, less than 1/2 an inch of rain the whole month of April.

Ribs to be barbecued and German style potato salad are on the menu today.  I've really tried to cut back on eating carbohydrates and I really miss my potatoes, so today we're having some.
It's baseball this afternoon---go Braves--- and then a movie tonight, not sure which one yet, but I noticed that Amazon had a cat one called Nine Lives that I may get, it's free with Amazon Prime.

Hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. Hi Janet, sounds like you're having a wonderful, calm Sunday. It's warmed up here this weekend and we had very strong winds the night before last. I watched Nine Lives just a couple of weeks ago and it was a great movie; especially if you like cats! My best to you dear friend, Pat

  2. How wonderful for your daughter that our modern age has things like Skype! Being away from home can be so lonely without contact from home. I did 18 months in the Phillipines in early 1970/71 with very little contact from home and it was so lonely. Have a good week!

  3. Calm Sunday here too. Watching movies. Thought we sent you a bunch of rain, sorry. It's raining here again. :(

  4. Skype is such a wonderful invention keeping families close. I've read Sad Cypress recently and I'll be reading N or M soon too.

  5. Now that we have moved we now use Skype so that I can see the Grandchildren, technology at its best.

  6. Isn't Skype a good thing ...
    Sounds as if you are doing well with your reading choices.

    All the best Jan

  7. Vinegar Girl...what a great title. It sounds like an interesting book, and the kind I'd enjoy. Thanks for the tip!

    I love Skype - that's the way I talk to my brothers and sisters in Germany. I remember when I first came to the States and a phone call was over $1/minute...and minimum wage was around $3/hour or so.

    1. Use to live in Germany, where are you from?

  8. Our eldest daughter lives in Australia so Skype for us is wonderful (although Buddy her dog ignores us). Sometimes modern technology is a winner.

  9. Stepdaughter lives in Australia so her father took advantage of technology to talk to her. It wasn't Skype, it was something they did through the iPad. Me, I hated to see myself on screen...Ugh!

  10. I love that the Whole 30 eating plan allows potatoes! If we can't have rice or pasta, at least there are potatoes.

  11. Now I know where to go for book reviews! That's a lot of books! I have Vinegar Girl on my download list. Have a wonderful week.

  12. It's so hard to give up carbs. I've never been successful. I love potatoes, rice, pasta, cous cous, you name it. Your list of books looks great. I've read a lot of Oates' books but not that one yet. I should add it to my library holds and give it a try. Hope you have a good week!

  13. Your book list sounds interesting. I've just finished At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier. I've only ever read a few of Agatha Christie's books, I must read some more of them. I'd find it hard to give up bread or potatoes as I enjoy them both:)


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