Sunday, April 23, 2017

What's For Breakfast

While eating breakfast this morning I got to thinking about the breakfasts we had eaten in Japan.  Our hotel, the Richmond,   included a buffet breakfast each morning and it was quite a spread, we were looking forward to trying it out as we had opted for room and breakfast.
Our daughter had warned us that we'd find the Japanese idea of breakfast foods  very different from Western breakfasts.  Well it was and it wasn't.  There was rice, soup, macaroni and cheese, stewed veggies, salad, fish, bacon, sausage  and eggs-  though the eggs were scrambled, which I normally prefer, they were very runny and I just can't eat runny eggs-several kinds I bread-I opted for sliced baguettes that I warmed in a toaster oven and 2 kinds of cereal.  Coffee, tea and fresh juice was available too.  There were other items I just wasn't familiar with, but picky eater than I am I had toast, coffee, orange juice and cereal.  Had a salad one morning and it was good, but it just seemed too strange to be eating it for breakfast.  Mac had fish a couple of times, but generally stuck to bacon or sausage and eggs.  Their eggs are so much fresher than ours, you can tell by the bright orange yolk.
I had one  salad while we were staying n Hiroshima  and  we had breakfast in a cafe , but that's because I was really missing salads, we normally have one every day at home.  It was hard to find salads on the menu for lunch and dinner, but nearly every breakfast menu had salad..  That morning I had a salad, our daughter had an oyster brioche--she said it the best she'd ever tasted-- and Mac had a rather hot dog like sausage and we talked about the different things people eat for breakfast.
At home we strictly have coffee, toast and orange juice unless we go out to breakfast.  Our daughter says she has an energy bar.  I've been known to nibble at left over pizza, but that's about as much pasta as I've ever had for breakfast.  I know that when we lived in Germany coffee and brotchen were the standard breakfast.  When we visit England a full English breakfast was always available.  Around the Med--Italy, Greece, Spain-- fruit was always available for breakfast.  What's your usual breakfast?
What the Japanese offer for breakfast certainly makes for a hardy meal, but for me it would take some getting use to.
I borrowed these photos from the hotel website as I didn't think to take photos at breakfast.


  1. It sounds like there was plenty on offer to suit everyone. I don't really bother with breakfast during the week but on a weekend I usually have something cooked for brunch rather than breakfast.

  2. Sounds like you had a good selection. Not sure I would want salad for breakfast. I eat most anything that's handy, myself.

  3. You would expect to eat differently in other countries, but not salad for breakfast. I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast, 1 egg over medium on a slice of toast with 2 pieces of bacon. I could live on that at every meal.

  4. So many selections for breakfast!!

  5. How interesting! I love breakfast foods but the normal breakfast foods and many of those you mentioned just didn't seem normal. Quite an experience I'm sure!

  6. What an unusual array for breakfast in Japan! Here. we have eggs--fried or boiled or scrambled--usually, but sometimes like this morning I make waffles or pancakes, or we opt for oatmeal. Breakfast is our big meal most days; lunch/dinner is smaller, and dinner is salad if anything.

  7. I have toast and fruit, my husband has cereal and one slice of toast. The photos look interesting, since I am a picky eater I am not sure I would like trying different foods:)

  8. First I am so envious of your trip ! So far it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    You should try one of the Bakeries right next to the main train stations.
    All sorts of bread, pastries. thin bread filled with all sorts of egg salad, meats and filled potato croquette.
    So tasty.
    In a traditional Japanese breakfast you could have any sort of seasonal vegetables along with rice and fish and umeboshi an possible egg.. I love salad anytime so for me this is not a big jump. I even eat my son's Indian fish soup cold the next day for breakfast. But I am not sure when the hotels started serving salad for breakfast ?
    Now comes to my favorite breakfast.
    Rice, fish and umeboshi. Next is DIL toasted cheese sandwich with tomato but not like the ones we make.
    My mum was a fabulous chef so I became an adventurous foodie. I eat everything ! If I just have toast and coffee for breakfast I am starving !
    There is a Hot Dog Chain (I need to look up the name) that had the best hot dogs. If I ever find the name I will send it on for your next trip.

    Your post today made me miss Japanese food. Thank you for your fun post.
    cheers, parsnip

  9. I can't eat so early in the morning so both we just have coffee, and our brunch at noon. But during holidays I usually have breakfast, croissants, rolls, cheese, and egg and jam. I couldn't eat a full English breakfast that's too much. When we were in the States I loved pancakes with maple syrup.

  10. It is usually just tea/coffee toast and marmalade for us as we eat lunch early. However I am a great fan of the full English breakfast occasionally eating it a little later.

  11. So much selection! I can't choose if I have too many choices... I eat porridge with sliced banana during the week. On weekends, I might have jam on toast or a bacon roll. I just notice my stomach rumbling, time for lunch. x

  12. Interesting to read about the differences between countries. Normally I would have enjoyed it but my Joe was a picky eater. He hated salad. I love it, but not for breakfast. Full English was always favourite for both of us,

  13. I don't fancy salad for breakfast! We eat a variety of breakfasts. My favourite is smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, but I am also happy with a bowl of cereal or toast and honey or jam. This morning we had croissant with scrambled egg - delicious! We start with a glass of OJ, then finish with a big mug of tea.

  14. I'm very happy with toast for breakfast but when we're in a clean eating mode and avoiding gluten, it's usually sausage and veggies for breakfast. Eating veggies at 6am is still strange.

  15. I guess we all have our favourite breakfasts.
    Mine/ours is always a cooked breakfast.
    For example Bacon and eggs, Sausage and eggs, an omelette or frittata. We also love mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach ... wonderful choices to ring the changes.

    But always with a cup of tea for me and usually coffee for Eddie.

    All the best Jan

  16. I always heard that the Japanese "eat the rainbow" and those photos seem to prove it!

    Eggs every morning for me. Usually scrambled, with cheese and herbs and sometimes veggies swirled in, but occasionally sunny side up (if there's a really good artisan bread to dip in the yoke). On weekends I like to make a Dutch apple pancake (eggs again). Sausage, roasted potatoes, or sauteed mushrooms are occasional sides. I actually like salad at breakfast if someone else makes it - it goes well with potatoes and eggs and gives me a virtuous feeling. :) Oh, and tea (of course).

    I used to love bread-based breakfasts (muffins, rolls, waffles, pancakes) but now they just make me want to fall asleep as soon as I'm done eating, which is why I switched to eggs.

    Full English is awesome when you can get it!

  17. I have my one cappuccino of the day. Then porridge or muesli. Sometimes I Bircher it up with grated apple and fresh orange juice. I like toast and Marmite. Or croissant and apricot jam. Some mornings I'll make a banana smoothie. Not all at once!
    I found the traditional Japanese breakfast in the ryokan we stayed in a little unusual. We were given fish to cook and there was miso soup, rice and a little dish of pickles and vegetables. I didn't much care for the shiso leaf but like the fern.
    If I have a full English I leave out the sausages, mushrooms and baked beans. Bacon, poached egg, tomatoes and bacon.

  18. I could eat miso soup or salad for breakfast, but I'd have to draw the line at macaroni and cheese. In my real, everyday life, I eat oatmeal with walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and cinnamon, cooked with skim milk every weekday. After it's cooked, I mix in frozen blueberries. On Sundays, it's eggs and toast/bagels.


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