Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Grumble, Grumble

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, Oh No, Oh No, it's off to grocery shop we go.  Have I mentioned that I hate to grocery shop---probably about a million times.  I don't mean the quickie shop where we go to the lovely Publix about 5 miles down the road, no I mean the 20 mile slog over to Savannah to shop at the Army commissary.  I'm glad we have one, it saves money, but it feels like it takes forever to get there and sometimes on Tuesday, like today, they really haven't restocked the shelves well.  Plus they're remodeling the store.  Kudos to them for keeping it open during the remodeling, but they keep moving everything and it takes much longer to find what you're looking for.  Heard others grumbling about the same thing.
Poor Mac has to haul it all upstairs.  As we're on a flood plain our house is built about 12 feet above the level of the garage and he has to carry all the bags up.  I unpack it and put it away, but his is by far the harder job.
Ended up having to stop at Publix on the way home anyway to get stuff the commissary didn't have.
Lovely rain last night, we needed it and it's cooled it off a bit.  They're promising more rain for Thursday and then temperatures only in the 70's---be still my heart.
Couldn't sleep the other night, we got up had a snack and then I read for a couple of hours.  Managed to finish off another Agatha Christie--Dead Man's Folly--I'd definitely seen it on tv (with David Suchet as Poirot), but I'm pretty sure I'd never read it.  Really enjoyed it.  Now I'm onto Sad Cypress.
I can finally see the end of my cross-stitch in my near future, then I'm going to have to figure out how to frame it.  Waiting in line behind it is an afghan I started for spring, yeah I know, it will soon be summer.  But crocheting is so much quicker than cross-stitching.  Mac wants me to get back to painting and I need to.
That's my Tuesday
Me grocery shopping


  1. I don't like it when they re-organise the shelves in the supermarket and you spend ages trying to re-discover things. Why do they do that? Our living spaces in France and England are both up on the first floor so I know all about hauling the groceries up a flight of stairs.

  2. I hate shopping too especially a big one, but it is a relief when it is all done and dusted for a while.

  3. I'm just so glad that shopping is no longer in my life. DH does the shopping. I put away whatever he buys and that's what I eat. (His choice) WalMart does the 'move the food around game' - on purpose, to make people go hunting what they want, thus seeing more products and spending more money. Sorry you got stuck in the search today.
    We're sending you the cooler weather - enjoy!
    My eyes aren't good enough for cross stitch, but I do appreciate a well turned out piece.

  4. Everything is a trade off. We don't have Publix around her, but I have shopped in them in other states and I found them to be very pretty and fresh.

  5. We have to travel 27 miles for the supermarket but at the moment I am enjoying the views so long may that last.

  6. It is very annoying when shops and supermarkets move their goods around. I know it is to make us look and buy different things as we walk around but I like to go straight to where I know things are. Unpacking after a big shop is also tedious:)

  7. I can't say I'm overly fond of supermarket shopping either, at least I don't have to travel far to get there though. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished cross stitch, mine's on the back burner at the moment.

  8. I remember shopping at the commissary at Pope AFB many years ago. Be glad you have a Publix to stop by. :) Our choices here are Walmart and Food Lion. They recently closed the Just Save, but I did not shop there anyway, except to buy Turkey Hill ice cream when it was on sale.

  9. Supermarkets can be so inconsiderate, I swear they move stuff just to confuse their customers. I have started to have my groceries delivered, which costs no more than petrol in the car. This makes me a very happy bunny!

  10. Hi Janet-I found you by chance on Wanda's blog! I can sure identify with the grocery experience. UGH...My LEAST favorite thing to do...well, almost---right after cleaning toilets.
    I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar so I don't miss a post-(I read from my sidebar).
    Have a wonderful Wednesday- Hugs- Diana

  11. I popped over from The Lady Of The House Speaking. Our local grocery is in the process of putting in an order-and-pick-up service. I am SO looking forward to it, and hope it will be satisfactory. I send the hubs on small, simple shops, but can't rely on him for large shops. He comes home with too many odd substitutions. :)

  12. When the family were all at home I never minded the shopping ... it was the putting away that seemed to take time.
    Now with just myself and Eddie it's a joy!

    All the best Jan

  13. Our Commisary is about 3 1/2 hours away so it is not worth the trip. I don't like grocery shopping either, but I find if I am organized and know what I will cook I like shopping better:)

  14. I'm the odd person who enjoys grocery shopping. I like looking at stuff, read the labels, shop for the best prices and deals... I prefer grocery shopping over having to shop for clothes. When we go on vacation, I like to check out the grocery stores in that area.

    At least I know I'm a bit odd that way. :-)


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