Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is It Really Thursday?

Can't believe it's Thursday already and I haven't blogged since Sunday.  My only excuse is that it's hot here, will be 97º here today and I fried my brain just cleaning the kitchen.  Walked early and got a load of laundry done because we had notice that the water company was turning off water between 10 and 3 today.  Mac had noticed that there was water sitting on the empty lot next to us and we haven't had enough rain to even form a puddle.  He checked where our meter was and the leak wasn't from there so he called the water company.  They sent someone out the next day and they looked at it and put a couple of orange cones around the puddle.  It's been a couple of weeks and they're finally back to fix the leak, so we have no water today.  Mac set up some buckets to flush toilets with and we always have bottled water so we'll be ok, but it's an inconvenience.
Earlier this week I had a fight with Express Scripts, they provide our medications  by mail.  I was down to 8 blood pressure pills and I wanted them to send more, but they said I had a 90 day prescription  at my local pharmacy so I had to get it there.  Called the local pharmacy and they said they couldn't fill it because Express Scripts had filled it the week before.  I asked how much to just pay for it myself and the pharmacist said $31.95 fro 30 days, I said ok, fill it.  He said he'd contact Tricare and get permission to fill the prescription for 30 days.  I called Express Scripts back and they admitted they hadn't filled it, not had the pharmacy, but the pharmacy could give me a 30 day supply and they'd cover the cost.  So on our way home from shopping we stopped at our pharmacy, the pharmacist called Tricare, got permission and filled it on the spot.  The local pharmacy was great, Express Scripts not so much.
I ordered a new piano book Pucini's Operas for the piano and I'm loving it, Le Boheme is just so beautiful.  I've been playing it ever since it came in and humming the arias when I'm housecleaning.
Fought with my Mp3 player all morning yesterday because I never remember how to load music on it.  GRRR!
Last night we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  Liked it, but didn't love it.  A bit too long and too many side stories.  Liked the secondary characters better than the leads. Dan Fogler as Jacob the baker and Katherine Waterson as Tina were much more interesting than Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Morton.  The beasts of course were wonderful.
Read another Anne Tyler book, The Beginner's Goodbye.  It was short, but quite wonderful.
Aaron's wife Dorothy has died, hit by a tree that falls through their house, but she comes back.
Must read some more of hers.
Have to start thinking about Five on Friday.


  1. Amazing how fast time flies.
    I never miss running water as much as I do when the water is shut off. Mine was off on Sunday, due to a broken water pipe. Didn't have water for the better part of the day.
    I've played that game with Express Scripts, myself. It's not a fun game.
    Nice that you can play the piano, I can barely play "Old Black Joe." Opera - lovely ...

  2. Well, if it is not Thursday then all I can say is that Wednesday is really dragging along and am looking forward to Friday !

  3. I wish I could play the piano, or any musical instrument come to that. Paul has to stockpile his blood pressure tablets so he can take a supply out to France.

  4. Usually we get a glut of scripts from Express Scripts...all ours are automatic refills. I think I am six months ahead on mt Blood Pressure meds:)

  5. I'm glad that we don't have all that rigmarole to get a prescription, mind you, it's bad enough getting an appointment with a doctor over here.

  6. This sounds like a day with my insurance !
    It frustrates me so much !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Half the work of retirement seems to be dealing with medical stuff. We often say, it's a good thing we are retired because how else would we have time for all these phone calls!

  8. Goodness, you are having it hot!
    Sorry you had that awful mix-up and bother with your prescription Grrrr ...

    Enjoy the rest of the week

    All the best Jan

  9. Oh no!! so many thing together.. hope you are ok now.. this medicine fuss is not just tolerable..

  10. Classical music, especially opera, is great for housecleaning. I call it "Mop and Mozart."

    I like Thursdays. A friend of mine calls them "Friday eve."

  11. I'm back to blood pressure hassles, worse luck.

  12. Hope that your mysterious puddle next door soon disappears! Jx

  13. It is Friday here so I am hoping all your water problems are over. What a performance to get prescriptions dealt with. I would be at a complete loss!

  14. What a nightmare with your medication refills. I'm glad you got it sorted. I think I'll pass on reading that book, as one of my fears is that a tree is going to blow over on our house and do me in. :-)

  15. I've just visited for Five on Friday and will comment there. (Scrolled back as I missed what you've been doing this past week). The prescription by mail can be helpful on most occasions. We're able to drop ours into the GP medical centre and then pick up the medical supply a few days later. That works so long as we do it in advance, but the mail system if you are low on essential medication and you come up against bureaucracy is frustrating. You've had quite a week with the water problem too. From experience listening to some classical music is calming when we've had these frustrating situations. How lovely to be able to play the piano!


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