Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rainy Saturday

It's raining, started late last night and has been an on again off again event.  Right now there's even a bit of thunder.  We need it, we've had a really dry spring.
I've nicked another recipe from The Low Carb Diabetic, they post such wonderful recipes.  This one was for Leek and Chorizo Frittata.  I changed it a bit, used Linguica instead of Chorizo, we like Chorizo, after all Mac's Spanish.  But we love Linguica, a Portuguese sausage.  I also added potatoes to it, we hadn't had any all week and my Irish soul (the only country where I was served potatoes with potatoes with potatoes) was crying out for some.
It turned out delicious, it makes it into the summertime meal rotation.

You will need these ingredients:
Serves 4 - 6
1 tbsp. of oil
2 leeks, washed and thinly sliced
50g chorizo, thinly sliced
6 medium eggs
a large handful of basil, roughly chopped
1/4 tsp chilli flakes
salt and pepper
a handful of rocket* leaves to garnish

Here is what you do:
1. Pre-heat the grill to high.
2. Heat a medium sized non-stick ovenproof frying pan over a medium heat. Add the oil followed by the leeks and chorizo. Sauté for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, basil, chilli flakes and seasoning. Add the egg mix to the sautéed leeks and chorizo in the pan; cook for 1 minute without stirring.
4. Place the pan under the grill and cook the frittata for 3 minutes or until golden brown.
5. Remove the frittata from the frying pan onto a serving plate using a spatula. Slice into wedges and garnish with a handful of rocket

From an original Sainsbury's recipe here


  1. It looks delicious, Janet.
    Our rain is done for now. Having blue sky with puffy, cotton-candy clouds. Yours will come, too.

  2. Looks like a good recipe. We had rain yesterday and this morning and the garden looks much better for it:)

  3. It's been raining all day here and we just had a thunderstorm that left the dog shaking. Too bad as there was an art show downtown today ....
    The recipe looks delicious!

  4. This looks like a wonderfully delicious recipe.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. That looks tasty. We use chorizo a lot, I haven't come across linguica before.

  6. I don't know linguica either but love chorizo and this does sound so easy and tasty.

  7. I am not very adventurous with food these days. I am told it's natural as one ages- heaven forbid! Like you, I love potatoes. A meal isn't a real meal for me without them in some form or another.

  8. It's been a dry spring here too but we're forecast some much needed rain this week. The frittata looks delicious.

  9. This looks really good. You have my permission to come to my home and make it for me!
    We finally got some rain last night, after being told we would get it for 2 days!! It looks to be a lovely day today.
    Happy mother's day!

  10. Many thanks for the kind words and the link ... this is a great frittata.
    I'll let you off adding potato !!! LOL!

    Happy Sunday Wishes, and to all who may be celebrating Mother's Day - have a happy day.
    (Here in the UK we celebrated ours in March)

    All the best Jan

    1. Just in case readers may be wondering about my remark and potatoes - my husband Eddie does not eat potatoes, he is Type 2 diabetic and they raise his blood sugar levels ...


      All the best Jan

  11. That's very easy and healthy recipe..

  12. The frittata sounds delicious...well, it looks delicious! Not sure what "rocket leaves" are. And what about Place the pan under the grill - under? Do they mean under the broiler?


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