Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In Recovery

Quaking Aspens
We use to say, back before we retired, that we had to go   back to work so we could get some rest after one of our trips.  Now being retired feels like being on vacation and traveling feels like work.  We had a wonderful time, but it's still tiring, so for a couple of days we're in recovery mode.
Getting to Yellowstone and back is not a straight shot from here.
We left at 5:30 am and flew from Savannah to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Minneapolis/St. Paul then to Billings---Bozeman is closer to the park, but has fewer flights.  Then we had a drive of over a 100 miles to the cabin, it rained for 90 miles and snowed for 30. Coming back we flew  Billings to Salt Lake City to Atlanta to Savannah.  It was a rough, but easy flight except for being delayed in Atlanta where we waited on the  plane for an hour for someone's dog to show up.  So we didn't get home until 2 am.
Glad we upgraded to a SUV, we had a Dodge Durango and it was great, will rent one like it next time we go regardless of the weather.
Please excuse the window screen, too cold to go out for the shot
The speed limit in the park is never more than 45 mph and usually 35 as you never know who or what might be crossing the road.  Hitting a deer will significantly damage your car, ask our daughter she hit one once, can't even imagine what hitting a  buffalo would do.  They're so big, about the size of a Volkswagen.
Badger enjoyed the trip too, though he wondered why the buffaloes kept crossing the road.
We saw a young buffalo, probably a year or so, rolling in the dirt to remove his winter fur and then he jumped up in the air and all but clicked his heels, talk about your rights of spring.
Mac made a small snowman on the back porch, using my vitamins for his eyes and nose, badger liked him.
And we admired the mule deer at the bottom of the yard.

Our cabin was so comfy, 2 large bedrooms, a loft up above if you had a load of kids.  Downstairs was a large tv room.  There was a small electric stovelike fireplace that heated the whole place as well as having regular heat.


  1. Glad you are back safe and sound after your adventure.

  2. I know what you mean about coming home for a rest. Sounds like your travelling was exhausting. B x

  3. A great adventure. It's been years since I visited Yellowstone.

  4. I find travelling very tiring these days, even if I'm not in the driving seat.

  5. Oh my goodness! My husband would be in heaven going on a vacation to Yellowstone...and staying in a cabin like that. Your trip there and back sounds tiring, but what a great vacation!

  6. YOur trip looks so wonderful but I know you must be so happy to be home.

  7. Wow, you traveled right into winter! Neat that you got to see several animals and stay in a rustic cabin. Wouldn't that loft be fun for kids!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time, the cabin looks great.It always take time to recover from a time away from home:)

  9. I'm sure the adventure you had was definitely worth the travelling. It's hard to imagine buffalo just wandering across the road.

  10. Your entire post made me wish I could go there. Oh and I liked the look of that cabin.

  11. I've enjoyed my trips to Yellowstone. I used to say that when we travelled with our children it was a 'trip', not a 'vacation'. Retirement is a little better cause my home does not look like a disaster hit it when I return.

  12. Yes travelling although rewarding can be tiring ...

    Lovely to see your photographs here

    All the best Jan

  13. "Before-retired" people like to say that "you need a vacation from your vacation" when they come back from a trip. Your cabin looks wonderful!


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